Business Awards 2020

28 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , iBonus Limited is the Hong Kong-based solutions provider currently offering a market-leading Covid-19 Digital Prevention System designed to help governments and large organisations reduce the spread of Covid-19, whilst at the same time maintain economic activity by avoiding the need to lock down whole countries. Established in 2014, iBonus has benefited for many years from its location in Hong Kong Science Park in the thriving, international hub of business that is Hong Kong, capitalising on the opportunity to do business with countries all across the world. Grown from a culture of continuous technological innovation, iBonus’ principal mission was always to make an impact on the international markets. When Covid-19 struck, the global economy was hit badly, creating the most significant impact since the depression of the 1930s. Not only has the pandemic seen the loss of millions of lives worldwide, it has also seen the ruin of so many more due to loss of jobs and the terrible repercussions of unemployment. This phenomenon is only compounded by the lockdown of countries across the world, who have had no choice but to halt their economies in order to save lives. iBonus’ solution was created to change this. With more waves of the pandemic predicted in the coming months, the Digital Prevention System will enable the spread of the virus to be controlled more easily, without having to lock down society. The main reason the virus spreads so quickly is because those who have it often do not know they have until the symptoms show several days after they have been in contact with someone who has the disease. In that time, the carrier can spread it on to any number of people as they go about their daily lives, who in turn may pass it on to more people before realising that they also have the virus. iBonus’ system uses smartphone apps or autonomous transit smart cards with dedicated terminals that can be installed in public places, such as libraries, cinemas, schools and gyms. The system can therefore record who, when and where the users have visited. As soon as a person is reported as virus-infected by medical authorities, the system instantly puts all people who have been in the same place at the same time as the confirmed patient in the last fourteen days into an Alert list, which is then transmitted to all terminals. The terminal is then able to give a friendly alert to all potential incubators when they are entering public areas, reminding them that they are at risk of spreading the virus if they do so. iBonus’ innovative system is the only digital solution to Covid-19 that has been endorsed and recommended by the World Health Best COVID-19 Digital Prevention Solutions Provider 2020 Theworld is currently united in facing themost significant health crisis in decades, and the impacts on societies, cultures and economies is staggering. Theworldwide priority is to minimise these impacts and iBonus Limited, theHongKong-based smartcard and payment systems developer, is currently engaged in distributing theirmarket-leading solution to do so. Managing Director, Keith Lau, tells usmore about the Covid-19Digital Prevention System. Oct20153 Contact: Keith Lau Company: iBonus Limited Web Address: iBonus Limited Organisation and the UN World Tourism Organisation. However, political issues in certain countries are making it difficult for iBonus to introduce their system to governments in a period when digital prevention solutions are more vital than ever. The team is currently investing heavily in setting up pilot sites in different countries across different environments such as workplaces and schools, so that governments can understand and evaluate the benefits of iBonus’ system. With hopes to have their system adopted by governments on a worldwide scale, iBonus could play a critical role in returning the world to a sense of normality in the midst of the pandemic. Alongside its digital prevention systems, the firm has also identified the growing demand for cashless payment, which iBonus is able to answer with its award-winning mobile payment solutions. As ever, iBonus continues to be driven by innovation and ambition as they seek to make a significant and positive impact on a global stage.