Business Awards 2020

24 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Photography has typically been a male-dominated industry, and despite the fact that women make up approximately 40% of all photographers, women are still grossly underrated. However, the industry has seen a current boom in female initiatives supporting and promoting the work of women in the photography industry. Leading the way for the empowerment of women in photography is Lesley Whyte, CEO and Founder of Lesley Whyte Photography. After identifying a gap in the market Lesley started the company to operate exclusive photography tours and luxury photography tours in New Zealand to women who share a passion for photography. Lesley is also New Zealand’s only female photographer dedicated to mentoring women through a Trans-Tasman initiative called Women in Photography. In addition to this Lesley is also Co-Founder of Girls On The Road Again together with celebrity chef Jo Seager, an initiative which operates foodie and photography tours across New Zealand. Lesley is driven by her appetite to nurture women who are passionate about photography and helping them to grow. Through Lesley Whyte Photography, Lesley has built long term relationships with her clients and many of which go on to become Women in Photography Alumni where they continue to grow and share their photographic journey with their new formed photography friends. Lesley Whyte Photography is spoilt for choice when it comes to the immense amount of beauty to photograph in the Asia Pacific region, but the recent pandemic has meant Lesley has had to defer the global luxury photography tours for the time being and is concentrating on delivering tours, workshops and retreats in New Zealand, which still provides a plethora of exquisite photographic opportunities. When booking any photography tour led by Lesley Whyte which includes Lesley Whyte Photography, Women in Photography and Girls on the Road Again, clients can be rest assured that the highest of standards will be met. To ensure that what is being delivered for women is suitable for women, Lesley works with only female suppliers whether that’s for social media content or tour development, and in doing so, enables her to provide a quality product to her clients. Located inNewZealand, LesleyWhyte Photography is dedicated to providing a selection of small luxury photography tours, weekend photography retreats and photographyworkshops forwomen. As winners in this year’s APAC Business Awards, we spoke to founder LesleyWhyte to explore the company andfind out what it is thatmakes it so unique. Sep201080 Company: Lesley Whyte Photography Ltd Contact: Lesley Whyte Web Address: Leading Operator of Luxury Photography Tours - NewZealand & Best Freelance Female Photographer (NewZealand): LesleyWhyte Operating under a strict set of criteria’s, Lesley provides some insight into what to look for when booking a photography tour in New Zealand, such as using an accredited TAANZ travel organisation to give financial protection to those joining the tour, and if vehicle transport is being provided the driver must hold a passenger licence endorsement. Looking to the future, Lesley wants to continue to grow by creating more global photography tours with a firm goal set of being the leading global deliverer of luxury photography tours for women. She is also working with Jo Seagar on launching a television series to highlight local beauty through photography. The series will be formed as part of Girls On The Road Again which will be based on ‘Food & Photography’ to showcase local suppliers, local accommodation, local growers and local wines regardless of what country, city or town they visit. Overall its clear to see Lesley’s passion for photography and her determination to level the playing in what is a male dominated industry. Her work will continue to promote and engage women in photography in New Zealand and across the globe and Lesley’s recent accolade is a true testament of her accomplishments thus far. Lesley Whyte Photography Ltd “Key tomymentoring is that “we all started as beginners”; therefore all my tours, workshops and retreats are collaborate, engaging and ever so much fun. The high rate of returnees is testament to the success of the long-term relationships I build.”