Business Awards 2020

23 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Stretchline began its journey in Sri Lanka 25 years ago in its state-of-the-art plant with a world class dye house. Today, the company is the world’s leading brand of narrow performance fabric for the apparel industry and employs over 4500 highly skilled members of staff, with manufacturing plants located in seven countries across three continents, enabling them to provide needle point support to the worlds lingerie and active wear brands. What makes Stretchline unique is the formulation of one standard manufacturing process and how when a quality has been adapted for a particular style or customer, that same quality can be replicated anywhere in the world without having to be redeveloped. When it comes to serving their customers, performance and comfort is at the heart of their product range and Stretchline consistently evaluate current market trends with the development of seasonal collections throughout the year. To stay ahead of consumer demands Stretchline make use of their global innovation centres to research, be creative and drive innovation. At the very core of the company is their commitment to sustainability, and Stretchline China is leading the way in ethical manufacturing by being a zero-pollutant plant. This is done through Biogas boilers Best NarrowPerformance Fabric Manufacturer 2020 & Award for Excellence in Sustainable Manufacturing 2020 Established in 1996, Stretchline is the largest andmost innovative narrow performance fabrics manufacturer in the world. As winners in this year’s APAC Business Awards we spoke to COO, Moyne Perera to find out what makes the company a pioneer and trusted partner for the apparel industry. Stretchline Company: Stretchline Contact: Moyne Perera Web Address: with sulphur filters, Green walls that emit O2 and absorb chemicals and reverse osmosis which recycles its water and dyeing methods that use a liquor ratio that is the lowest in industry standards. With the use of digital transformation Stretchline have also adopted new smart colour matching methods to control colour and reduce waste. Through determination and hard work Stretchline is dedicated to being at the forefront of the industry, as well as being a responsible and exemplarily manufacturer that sets new standards and enforces change for the better. Company culture is an important factor in the company’s success and Stretchline is constantly striving to provide an exceptional work environment and a seamless work life balance. Stretchline understand that everyone of their workforce is unique and one standard approach will not fit everyone to motivate them, value and work with. In fostering this approach, Stretchline believe in nurturing talent, inspiring excellence and building a hardworking and rewarding family culture. In recent months, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption on global apparel supply chains and many manufacturers had to suspend production as brands and retailers cancelled their orders. For Stretchline, they continued to operate throughout the pandemic, with a global presence they were able to adapt quickly and were able to bring in products from other locations as different countries went into lockdown. As the world heads into 2021 and beyond, Stretchline is more committed than ever before to meeting client needs and the demand for innovative clothing products. Their sustainability journey continues and their mission to transform all of their plants and reduce their carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. Stretchline’s commitment to innovation will remain and their mission to be the cleanest narrow performance manufacturer is as important as ever. Sep201134 “We have to understand all our employees and value themwell.”