Business Awards 2020

21 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , NEXTDC has taken pride of place as Australia’s most trusted provider of premium data centre solutions. With nine data centres built and certified to the highest of global standards, NEXTDC offers reliable, high-performance data centre and interconnection solutions to a global customer base. Harnessing the digital era This digital infrastructure platform manifests as Australia’s most cloud-connected data centre network providing consistent, resilient services across the country. It is a place where organisations can access all the leading public cloud platforms, carrier networks, and ICT services infrastructure at the closest possible proximity, whilst achieving the greatest levels of reliability. This results in a digitally interconnected infrastructure network that enables customers to reduce latency and complexity, while optimising business efficiencies around technology management. The team at NEXTDC have a vision to help organisations harness the full power of the digital age. As the world accelerates the use of technology such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, society is gearing up for the next big technological leap. NEXTDC has a key role to play in this 4th industrial revolution. Data centres are central to the way enterprise and government effectively manage and extract value from the surging amounts of data being generated, stored, shared and analysed. Customer First Providing an outstanding customer experience is embedded into every aspect of the way NEXTDC conducts business and its attention to detail on this pursuit allows the business to differentiate in the industry. This includes having empowered front-of-house and facilities management staff on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year to ensure that customer interactions with internal teams and NEXTDC’s facilities are frictionless. Growth opportunities The Asia Pacific region is one of the fastest growing markets in the world when it comes to data centre services and is rapidly earning a reputation for quality and excellence. This regional growth presents enormous opportunities for NEXTDC to extend its services beyond Australia’s shores. With offices already established in Singapore and Tokyo, the team actively engages with governments in the region about opportunities to invest and support their digital infrastructure needs. Most Reliable Data Centre Operator - Australia The nature and scale of data, and information technology has changed significantly since the turn of the millennium. So too has the role of the data centre. The teamat NEXTDC have spent the last decade building a data centre infrastructure solution that is nowhelping to enhance the success of public and private sector organisations. In this article, we take a look at the vital role NEXTDC are playing in the massive amounts of data being handled and shared, and why it has achieved such success in APAC Business Awards 2020. NEXTDC Company: NEXTDC Contact: Karyn Turbill Web Address: Email: [email protected] This enormous growth has been further fuelled by the global COVID-19 pandemic which has brought forward the digital transformation initiatives of many organisations by as much as five years. Around the world, businesses have turned their focus toward their infrastructure platforms to create new ways of working and engaging with customers. This change has driven exponential increases in data usage and therefore increased the dependence organisations and individuals have on digital infrastructure that manages it. NEXTDC have played an important role in ensuring organisations continue to thrive in these challenging times. Preserving the planet The team at NEXTDC have an eye on the future in other ways too as data centres increase the amount of power they draw. NEXTDC maintains its firm commitment to delivering the highest levels of energy efficiency by building a data centre footprint that is both operationally and sustainably superior to those of its competitors. The company’s facilities have been designed and engineered to deliver unprecedented energy efficiency as well as championing the use of sustainable and renewable energy sources. This helps to lower the carbon footprint and total cost of operations for customers, whilst at the same time doing everything possible to preserve the planet for future generations. With the importance of data centres continuing to rise, NEXTDC maintain a firm commitment to building a network of technically advanced, energy efficient facilities that will make a positive and meaningful impact on business, society, and the environment. Just the beginning NEXTDC set out over a decade ago, to become a global leader in providing the critical infrastructure and connectivity services required to facilitate growth in the digital economy. The aim was to create Australia’s most reliable, connected, secure and powerful digital infrastructure platform. One that would underpin the clouds, networks and services that drive the internet. Ten years on, the team proudly stand by their commitment made on day one. They have always delivered on that promise and as the business continues to grow, they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Oct20145