Business Awards 2020

20 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , The Cutshop® journey began back in 2009, at a time when one of the current owners was frustrated at not being able to get a combination of kitchen, vanity, and wardrobe cut to size for his newly developed property. As it turned out, this job was either too small for a cabinetmaker, or too big for a commercial hardware store! Today, Cutshop® has expanded its services and improved upon them to become the preferred supplier of flatpack cabinetry to the kitchen and shop-fitting trade, and the preferred manufacturing partner for designers of bespoke furniture and products - whether that be for a DIY home renovation project, a motorhome fitout, or a custom line of wooden toys. The service provided by Cutshop® is distinctively different from the current industry provisions, where the belief has long been held that one has to do everything from A-Z together with all the machinery, factory, and individuals. The Cutshop® concept, turning this conventional thinking upside down, has introduced a disruptive business model to the market, providing large-scale contract cutting capacity to customers who either need support for jobs they cannot manage by themselves, or to those who do not have their own machines and prefer to use a manufacturing partner. In fact, many of the customers that Cutshop® works with do not want the responsibility and expense of managing equipment and premises, or employment of extra people to handle these services in their businesses. Best Contract Cabinetry Cutting Specialists - New Zealand Cutshop® is NewZealand’s first cut-to-size contract service provider, born out of the need to provide a service that cuts, edges, drills, and delivers sheet material incl. wood substrates, acrylics and soft metals like no other. Sep201125 Though it may have taken a while for Cutshop® to get its message across about its uniqueness in the industry, it soon caught on with many trade businesses, homeowners and DIY pros alike. Now, it has been well established that there is a demand for this concept and associated services from the trade, commercial shop fitting, and kitchen manufacturing areas of business, motorhome fitouts, as well as many other industries. Since opening its doors and beginning its concept in 2009, the success has continued to flow for Cutshop®. The same year also saw the opening of Cutshop® Mt Wellington, before brand and trademark registrations were formalised in 2011. 2012 saw Cutshop® start work on its franchise model, and the franchisor was in place by 2014. After that, it all became about delivering outstanding service whilst continuing to grow. 2015 and 2016 saw the respective openings of Cutshop® North Shore and Cutshop® Waikato, before a refresh of the brand and messaging in 2017. Finally, 2019 saw the firm celebrate ten years in business, and it did so by introducing a bespoke business model option. Despite the Covid-19 challenges, with multiple lockdowns, 2020 is forecasted being another record year for Cutshop®. Ultimately, Cutshop® is a firm that provides services that are truly outstanding, and so necessary at many different times in people’s lives. How often has a kitchen been designed, only to find that a specific size needs to be bought in order to fit into a gap? That is the service provided by Cutshop®, and its success is fully deserved. Company: Cutshop NZ Contact: Andre Hofer Website: Cutshop NZ