Business Awards 2020

19 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Established in 2015, Harold & Lam Partnership specialises in commercial and civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution, which includes construction adjudication and arbitration. With a diverse range of practice areas on offer, ranging from shareholders disputes to tax litigation, banking and finance to consumer protection, debt recovery actions to defamation claims, Harold & Lam Partnership can cater to many businesses and their varying needs. Alongside this, the firm also provides end-to-end legal services in the construction practice area. Built on five core values: Honour, Respect, Communication, Commitment and Care, Harold & Lam Partnership strives to uphold these values in both its dealings with clients as well as internally within the team, expecting every member of staff to do the same. This belief has been the firm’s practice since the very beginning when there was only three lawyers. Today, Harold & Lam Partnership has 14 lawyers all working towards achieving the same goal. What sets Harold & Lam Partnership apart from their competitors is their focus to resolve their clients’ disputes. The firm works tirelessly to ensure that the entire process is as positive and as cost-effective for their clients as possible. Offering clear advice on where they stand, the team is pragmatic in their approach, always striving towards maintaining a high standard of professionalism in the services they provide. Harold & Lam Partnership constantly reminds its lawyers and expect them to prioritise the clients’ objective when providing advice to resolve a dispute. Lastly, the firm also aims to provide the most practical and best solution available to their clients. The firm strongly believes that every case the team works on is treated equally, receiving the same priority and care as the case before. Having established a reputation for being one of the best emerging litigation firms in Malaysia, Harold & Lam Partnership attributes its success to the extraordinary work and wealth of experience that the diverse team bring to the company. The culture accumulated at Harold & Lam Partnership is that they all work closely together as a team. Placing a huge emphasis on teamwork, the firm believe that they can all perform and produce better work when everyone works together. Triumphs are celebrated and failures are lessons that are learned, all of which the team experience together. Aside from teamwork, Harold & Lam Partnership expect their lawyers to grow personally in their career, to constantly update their legal knowledge, as well as to better their advocacy skills. To help their Best Emerging Litigation Firm - Malaysia Founded by a group of lawyers who have all worked with one of Malaysia’s largest lawfirms, Harold & LamPartnership was born to help impact the legal fraternity inMalaysia, by being one of the driving forces in developing the law in the country. Recently, we profiled Harold & LamPartnership to discover more about how they established a reputation as being one of the best emerging litigation firm’s operating inMalaysia today. Sep201131 Harold & LamPartnership Contact: Harold Tan / Lam Wai Loon Company: Harold & Lam Partnership Web Address: lawyers to grow in their legal career, the firm’s Knowledge and Professional Development Committee hold internal talks periodically to assist team members excel within their respected industry. As the firm plans ahead for the future, one thing that the team will continue to strive towards is providing better and faster services to their clients, alongside continuing to maintain a high standard of professionalism in the services they provide. Besides expanding in numbers, Harold & Lam Partnership is also looking to expand their practice areas, such as shipping & maritime law, intellectual property and family law. Ultimately, the team at Harold & Lam Partnership hope to continue contributing to the legal society, and to continue playing a part in developing the laws in Malaysia.