Business Awards 2020

18 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Since being established in 2012 by a passionate team of computer scientists and engineers, Appier has become one of the leading lights of the AI revolution. Now recognized as a Top 50 AI company by Fortune Magazine, the firm has more than 400 people across 15 offices all dedicated to the creation of innovative solutions for the world’s most highly regarded brands. To many, AI is a mysterious concept, but the aim of Appier has always been to make this sophisticated technology open to all. The firm was founded by experts in the field whose mission has always been to apply their AI expertise to make people’s lives easier. This passion still drives the business forward today, inspiring the team to give customers vital access to critical AI capabilities. AI has become a core technology, and the use of it is only going to increase in the coming months and years. Effectively implementing AI via the digital marketing and sales function is vital, as it can directly drive business growth by increasing sales and encouraging repeat business. For many, it’s the first step towards a total transformation of their organizations. The team at Appier is ideally placed to ensure that marketers have the capacity for advanced AI at their fingertips. Appier currently serves more than 1500 customers from 15 offices around the world. Often these clients want to leverage AI to drive business growth, particularly via effective outreach to consumers. This means that the client base for Appier runs across industries including e-commerce, personal finance and gaming to name but a few. Clients trust the team to enable them to make better business decisions. This trust is often repaid in the exceptional results that can be achieved through the use of AI. It can make incredibly quick judgements based on enormous amounts of data. The systems that Appier champions predict when customers are likely to churn or convert, as well as find lookalike customers similar to existing VIP customers to widen the audience base. AI can also use technology to figure out which products to present to customers, when and via which device. The more data the team gathers, the more accurate the product becomes. As AI has become more important to business, so has the role of Appier. Now it stands proudly as a global organization, committed to delivering solutions to businesses in the APAC region and beyond. The firm’s roots are in Taiwan, which gives the team the ideal position from which to navigate the complexities of the Asian consumer markets. With a long legacy of technology innovation to build on, Leading Specialists in Business AI Applications 2020 The power of Artificial Intelligence is growing by the day, findingmore uses in ordinary situations. For businesses, the power to harness data is such an imaginative manner could allow them to grow exponentially. Specializing in solving the most challenging problems with the latest technology, Appier has become a renowned name for its workwith Artificial Intelligence. We take a closer look at the firm in the light of its success. Oct20106 Appier Company: Appier Web Address: government support for the start-up ecosystem, and a generally tech-savvy population with high internet and mobile penetration, it has proven an effective base of operations. Having supported brands to effectively engage both local and foreign audiences, the company expanded into the European market in 2020. This accomplishment is one of many that the firm has achieved in 2020. This year has brought many unexpected circumstances for everyone, but the team has prioritized helping clients shift quickly to digital-first operations and do more with data and AI as they respond to rapidly changing consumer behavior. Appier is a crucial part of many businesses’ plans to transform their operations. Having celebrated Appier’s success here, we look forward to seeing what this impressive team will do next.