Business Awards 2020

15 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Across Asia, the education system plays a vital role in promoting economic growth and shared prosperity, and as such there has been an increasing trend to establish more centres of excellence and world class universities. For Sri Lanka, investment and education is at the heart of its development, and despite the effects of the current pandemic, the country has taken the world by surprise with its success in education and its continued growth. Leading the way is the Alpha Business School, established in 2018 the school has quickly become one the leading ACCA institute and ACCA licensed CBE centre in Sri Lanka. The institute also conducts a B.Sc. degree offered by Oxford Brooks University and the CFA programme. Alpha Business Schools most treasured asset is undoubtedly its team of qualified and motivated lecturers. The lecture panel is led by CEO and Director, Shehan Fernando who has over a decade of teaching experience in both professional and academic courses. Supporting Shehan is the diverse team of fifteen highly devoted lecturers, all with the desire to produce a new breed of work ready and dedicated professionals. Not only does the school deliver a high level of education but they also provide an exceptional level of support for each student, tailored to their individual needs, whether that be through face to face or online learning. To maintain and develop its friendly and outgoing environment, each class is size controlled to guarantee maximum student care and students are encouraged to get involved with student events organised by the school. Best Professional Finance & Accounting Education Institute 2020 - Sri Lanka Located in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka, the Alpha Business School is an approved ACCA tuition provider which offers exceptional online and classroom-based education in the fields of accountancy, finance andmanagement. Recently, we profiled this outstanding school to discover how they have established a reputation in Sri Lanker as one of the best professional finance and accounting education institutes. Oct20849 Alpha Business School Company: Alpha Business School Contact: Shehan Fernando Web Address: With a strong student-centric approach, the Alpha Business School not only focuses on the students technical competencies but feel they have a social responsibility to teach students about morals and integrity to transform them into a true professional, making them an asset to the organisations employing them. For many educational institutions, the Covid-19 pandemic has halted learning but for the Alpha Business School the pandemic has encouraged them to embrace digital technology. The school has forged ahead to create an innovative and engaging virtual learning platform ‘MYALPHA’ to ensure student learning and progression can continue in the ‘new normal’. This is the first and only platform of its kind in Sri Lanka which offers the entire ACCA curriculum. With a strong social media presence, students and customers are also kept updated on the latest news and information from the school, via Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram. So, what does the future hold for the Alpha Business School? It’s clear to see the drive and determination of the school and its lecturers and their commitment to their students. With an already extensive product portfolio to their name, Alpha Business School is also looking to make an MBA qualification available to its students. There are also exciting opportunities for Alpha Business School to carry its success across to neighbouring countries in Asia, allowing more students to experience and thrive from this truly professional institute.