Business Awards 2020

14 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , The company set out to develop a high performing 100% New Zealand-owned business that will provide a point of difference in the market with its open, honest and collaborative approach. With growth and performance in its facilities, asset, project and compliance management office over the last 15 years, plus an HSE process and risk mitigation that is second-to-none, SRL is certainly positioned for continued success. With a vision of being the best provider of single, multi or integrated facilities, asset, project and compliance management services in New Zealand, SRL has developed a strategy for excellence, based on creating and maintaining honest relationships; ensuring safe and enabling facility environments; turning data into intelligence that reduces cost and risk; and investing in its people. John Braithwaite, General Manager – Facilities Management, explains a little more about this unique strategy. “To support our vision, we have established key business fundamentals - implementing our vision throughout our company, applying leadership that promotes a common culture and values, and ensuring we are all operating within our company policy’s, processes and strategic plan. This approach has allowed us to drive synergies nationally and to have a strong and consistent locally based service delivery.” Having originally trained and worked as an Architectural Draughtsman, John brings more than 25 years’ experience in the facilities management industry to the company. He is an experienced provider of outsourced FM services, and has played a critical role in the development of FM systems within large organisations. Facilities Management Provider of the Year - New Zealand As a leading provider of facilities management andmaintenance inNewZealand, Service Resources Ltd (SRL) provides the management strategy and the manpower to keep facilities operating around the clock. John Braithwaite, General Manager – Facilities Management at SRL, lets us in on their secret to building lasting customer relationships. Oct20675 Service Resources Limited Contact: John Braithwaite Company: Service Resources Limited Web Address: John continues to explain that a further component of SRL’s strategy is to self-deliver where possible through capable and motivated employees, who maintain a customer centric approach and enhance the customer experience. With a full-time staff base of more than 70 people located across seven different offices, the company also supports its delivery model with a further 200 pre-qualified and accredited sub-contractors. It’s safe to say that staff play an integral part in the company’s overall success. “We employ industry professionals with exceptional skills that hold family values at heart,” he embellishes. “We look after each other with the principles of manaakitanga. We are open and collaborative and this is our point of difference within the business and with our customers.” However an internal culture of growth and development is not the only unique selling point that SRL possesses which sets it aside from competitors. Health and safety and risk management is also a cornerstone of the firm’s business and it has adopted a zero harm culture and approach. Not only this, but an inclusive and open approach is its preferred relationship model. “We understand that all of our customers have unique requirements and all of our customers are offered a layered contact model. We encourage and foster cross contract discussion and communication as a way to develop new initiatives and opportunities to improve. What we promote in all contracts is a way to ensure that at some stage during each year, there is an interaction at all levels of our businesses.” SRL has been on a constant growth pattern since it began and this is largely down to looking after customers and growing with them, however John and the team will continue to focus on strategic new relationships and develop these for further growth. “The core driver is to remain a high performing, innovative and collaborative provider to our customers partnering for long term relationships.”