Business Awards 2020

13 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , As an innovative technique-orientated company, Bravo Ideas Digital Inc. has over 40 global patents on interactive video-ecommerce technology. Believing that the “Future Is Now”, the firm have been dedicated to bringing innovative ideas to the world since inception. To start, Louis gives us a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its client base. “A survey about shopping behaviour conducted by Europe Union in 2001 indicated that 33% of people makes impulse buys especially when they’re in a bad mood. Shopping seems to be therapeutic and in my opinion, people are comforted when they spend money on whatever they like. Nowadays, people go through huge pressure in life and so, what I always want to do is create a joyful shopping experience to heal people’s heart. “Shopping does heal is my original intention. Naturally, I strive to make the shopping experience become better through interactive video and so customers can enjoy online shopping more than ever. “With the core value of connecting people, I founded Bravo Ideas. Firstly, I contributed to the development of the interactive video-ecommerce technology which was highly praised by Google. Our famous clients over the years have included FOX Movie, Dentus X, ZenithMedia and ad. BAZAAR. Having received 1st prize in a 2013 Start-Up competition in Taiwan, and after later seeing rapid growth in the eCommerce industry, I decided to turn the traditional eCommerce into live-streaming eCommerce and innovated the patented technology ‘see now, buy now’. Even Google praises “see now, buy now” as a unique digital buying experience. In 2018, I established my own eCommerce platform- ishowlife ( ) and all our customers could use ‘see now, buy now’ technology while live streaming in ishowlife and other social media platforms and apps, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp, to increase their products’ return rate.” Until today, we held more than 13,528 liv-streaming sessions. Innovation plays a major part in the firm’s client service, however in order for ideas to turn into reality, everyone must be reading from the same page as Louis explains further. “Innovation is always difficult. All employees at Bravo Ideas share the same mission and we want innovative ideas to turn into real technologies. However, everyone must have the same core value and goal of maintaining great quality and a high standard of service.” To maintain its position in the industry the firm’s personnel have a major role to play, and as Louis points out, anyone joining the team must be able to display a number of key qualities and skills. “The ultimate goal is to make sure everyone in the world knows Bravo Ideas. All employees could acquire the adequate skills in all working Best Live-Streaming eCommerce Solutions Provider - East Asia Founded in 2012, Bravo Ideas Digital Inc. is the largest live-streaming eCommerce company in Taiwan. Recently, we caught up with Lu, Yi-Chih (Louis) to find out more about the firmand discover how it has effortlessly established a reputation in East Asia for being one of the best live- streaming eCommerce solutions providers available today. Oct20852 Bravo Ideas Digital Inc. Company: Bravo Ideas Digital Inc. Contact: Lu, Yi-Chih (Louis) Web Address: fields and situations in the future. Simply put, I am looking for employees who are not afraid of hard work, love to take on a new challenge and enjoy brainstorming.” COVID-19 has impacted so many industries this year with Aviation and Tourism just a couple of those severely affected. However, despite the pandemic the development of live-streaming eCommerce has accelerated in these uncertain times as Louis explains further. “With people spending more time shopping online than ever before, the bricks and mortar store owners have started to sell their products through live-streaming. This way of selling is similar to TV shopping, but the method is not the same. Live streaming is a faster and direct interactive way of sales. With the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, many store owners and companies approach us spontaneously and ask for our cooperation. Naturally, we assist them in planning live-streaming programmes and give them a chance to sell products in our platform by interacting with audiences lively. Throughout the cooperation, our platform’s reputation is also increasing. It’s a win-win situation.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Louis is keen to highlight some of the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the team in the years to come, which includes expansion into new territories. “In addition to Taiwan, we have already expanded our business territories to Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. In 2021, we plan to develop business further to other countries in Asia and prepare to enter the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.”