Business Awards 2020

12 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Fuzed. The New Zealand Print Agency is the only print company in New Zealand that offers digital print, offset print, wide format, 3D digital overglossing (also known as Scodix) and lenticular print all in one location. Fuzed was originally founded in 1986 by husband and wife duo, Jason and Lorraine Mills, as a typesetting business under a different name and run from the garage behind the family home. For many years it was all hands on deck, including the kids too, and steadily the company outgrew this space and moved to larger premises in Epsom. As the world evolved from film based print, to printing plates, to digital print, so did the business which bought and sold several magazine and newspaper publications over the years, eventually moving away from typesetting in 2000 and then rebranding completely from Mills Color Comp to Fuzed in 2013. Then came 3D overgloss and digital Braille systems which were much-sought after across the globe, and with it came two acquisitions of competitor companies along the way. Now, finally, Fuzed is able to offer all aspects of print from one premises – quite the journey! Despite decades of growth, development and acquisitions, plus a recent handover from the original owners to the younger generation, Matt and Tegan Mills, the firm has retained its core values of providing the highest quality and most innovative print solutions for the New Zealand market and abroad, whilst maintaining exceptional customer service. “Our excellent client service is paramount to our business,” says Tegan. “In fact, we have just recently prompted our sales team to spend more time out of the office and away from their desks, working on building relationships with their new and existing clientele!” This refreshing approach to customer relations is designed to make Fuzed the first thought that customers have when a print need arises especially those challenging projects that other firm’s may shy away from. “Maintaining the high standards we set is easy, it’s all about teamwork. Relying on each other when it gets tough, collaboration with each other when we need fresh ideas and this includes management running the machines, quoting or simply folding some urgently needed brochures.” The Fuzed management team lead from the front, rolling up their sleeves and getting involved wherever they’re needed. There’s nothing like setting an example to the rest of the workforce! This being said, Tegan makes it clear that no-one at Fuzed is micro-managed as the management team want their staff members to be happy as well as productive. Best Print Solutions Agency - New Zealand Fromhumble beginnings family-run print business, Fuzed, has gone from strength-to-strength. TeganMills fills us in on the firm’s history and its dedication to customer satisfaction. Oct20102 Contact: Tegan Mills Company: Fuzed. The NZ Print Agency Web Address: “We certainly have processes and procedures in place to ensure company productivity but if the production team want to spark up the BBQ for a bacon and egg mid-morning breakfast then everyone should be able to enjoy! We close the office doors, bring out the portable phone, tuck in and have a chit-chat. We believe building strong relationships not only applies to your clients but your team members as well.” In such an exciting and fast-paced industry, innovation is key and Fuzed always has something new on-the-go. Over the next 12 months, Tegan and the rest of the team is concentrating on bringing the firm’s lenticular print capabilities, which are already popular overseas, to life in the New Zealand market. “Right now we are in the final stages of creating our first series of six limited edition Lenticular art pieces which customers will be able to view and purchase straight from our website. There will be only six prints of each image available in this first campaign. Customers can choose to purchase the art pieces framed or unframed and shipped anywhere in the world. This is a very exciting new initiative for Fuzed, though we have been producing lenticular products for almost 10 years, selling pre-made lenticular art is not something we’ve done before and the whole team is very excited to see how it goes, launching in February 2021.” Fuzed. The NZ Print Agency