Business Awards 2020

10 APAC / Business Awards 2020 , Embodying the luxury of natural materials and created with timeless sophistication in mind, LyZadie Design Studio is a welcome addition to the carefully curated home. To begin, Lyzadie provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “From the outset, our mission was to change the luxury industry to be more positively conscious, socially and environmentally. Still today, our mission hasn’t changed because it is imperative that we change our ways of doing business and making products that are sustainable if we want to heal our planet and its people. Our business is about enriching lives through sustainable, beautiful design, and we believe it is our responsibility to help enrich and support the lives of others. We strongly believe we must look at where we’ve come from and where we want to be if we are to grow together towards an ethical and supportive future. “Typically, we design and create fine furniture and home accessories for the positively conscious luxury client, while also creating bespoke solutions for furniture for different projects.” Maintaining high standards is something Lyzadie is extremely passionate about and as she explains further, it’s clear to see teamwork plays a vital role behind the success of the firm. “The customer always comes first. However, to ensure we are meeting their demands we have all sorts of structures in place for our team to follow. Understanding the mission of the brand is of the upmost importance.” As a designer of fine furniture and accessories, anyone joining LyZadie Design Studio must share its love and passion for unique design, sharing stories, beautiful natural materials and craftsmanship. Moreover, as Lyzadie herself points out, this can aid the quality of the final product. “Naturally, our culture is one of collaboration and of mutual exchange, so it is quite fulfilling in this sense. Making beautiful high-quality Most Sustainable Furniture Design Studio - New Zealand Based in Auckland, LyZadie Design Studio creates modern yet timeless beautiful products, inspired by NewZealand’s landscapes and culture using pure NewZealandmaterials. Following the firm’s well-deserved success in the APAC Business Awards 2020, we touched base with its Founder Lyzadie Renault to find out more about one of the most sustainable furniture design studio inNewZealand. Oct20843 LyZadie Design Studio Company: LyZadie Design Studio Contact: Lyzadie Renault Email: [email protected] Web Address: furniture and products made for life is what we are all about, so everybody needs to be reading from the same page. Loving the outdoors or nature, that’s just a bonus. With the above traits it becomes a completely seamless, fulfilling and transparent process of how we work together.” Although COVID-19 has prevented Lyzadie from travelling abroad for international fairs, such as Milan Design Week, Maison&Objet in Paris or 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen, it is clear the firm benefits from its location with various opportunities available as she explains further. “Due to COVID-19, some of the usual events we attend went virtual which was interesting. It was an interesting exercise, but it doesn’t beat the face to face meetings with new clients. As a New Zealand based business, we can create unique designs inspired by this land. The uniqueness of ideas and materials also makes us stand out in the design arena and the industry. New Zealand is known to work hard to be green, so it helps our image too.” As a positive luxury brand, Lyzadie strongly believes that being a sustainable business is also about giving back to the community and that is why the Giving Back program was introduced very early on in the business. Looking forward, Lyzadie signs off by commenting on what the future holds for the firm, sharing one or two plans it has in store for 2021 and beyond. “As a design studio, we are very keen to keep exploring new sustainable materials, new unique designs, pushing boundaries of what natural materials can do and to go more into the spatial exploration of the virtual world. Finally, we are also always keen to collaborate with extraordinary people who bring something unique to our design studio and to the end product.”