Business Awards 2019

9 APAC / 2019 Business Awards AGAPI Care Inc. g in areas like time management, work ethic and wellbeing, which can only increase performance and engagement to the benefit of the organisation. Another challenge lies in the multicultural nature of Australia’s communities, with each person’s standards and understanding varying hugely. Employers must learn to adapt to a more inclusive environment, sending information out in various forms and various languages. This is a problem that has even affected the Federal Government, with a great deal of time and money invested into the translation of National Disability Insurance Scheme – one of the largest reforms in disability – to ensure that all members of the community know about the changes. At the heart of AGAPI Care is the building up of a community on a foundation of choice. This choice guides every decision made at AGAPI Care, from how the team handle their staff to how they help new staff to learn. Not every organisation would work so dedicatedly to help people in their independence, but not every organisation would invest so heavily in their staff to bring them up to a certain level. Every decision at AGAPI Care is built on making things better for everyone. It’s somewhere where you’re defined by the choices you make, not your disability. Contact: Mary Gakopoulos Web Address: Telephone: 0061394711231