Business Awards 2019

6 APAC / 2019 Business Awards , Best Rust Removal Chemicals Manufacturer 2019 - South Asia Oct19656 Everybody wants to live happier, healthier and safer lives, free fromdangerous chemicals and pollutants in the environment. Industrial firms are working harder than ever to ensure that clients and the general public alike don’t have to worry about hazardous, non-biodegradable chemicals. One such firm is Bangladesh-based SR Corporation, rust removal-cooling system flush PLM (Product Life CycleManagement) manufacturer. South Asia. To find out more about the company, we profiled it in this latest edition of APAC Insider. Having worked in and around Bangladesh’s trade business since 2008, the core team of SR Corporation came together just two years ago to found the business. Focused on providing innovative and sustainable solutions to its clients, the firm works with textiles, food, pharmaceutical, and energy industries to help deliver chemical solutions that continue to be friendly to the environment; non-hazardous and biodegradable. Notice for its work with rust removal in particular, the team at SR Corporation have created sustainable, cost effective Cross-Boarder B2B partnership with Maveric Chemical Limited a PLM product that works rapidly to ensure surfaces remain smooth, shiny and innovative waste plastic bottle 3R process into uses 3D printer filament. their machinery and surfaces are far superior in terms of cleanliness. Surfaces can be soaked, wiped, or sprayed and clients will see differences in minutes. Even better, MC-51 is completely safe and eco-friendly. No special protection is required, and the product itself meets all the necessary EU requirements for detergents and biodegradability. Gel can be used without the need for protective gear, and is completely safe. Environmentally friendly and water soluble, clients then dispose of SR Corporation’s MC-51 according to local regulations without having to fear for and waste solution. Intelligently pairing solid business principles, innovative chemical compounds, and economic common sense, this firm is bringing some of the world’s most important industries into a new era of environmental sustainability. A true steward of the environment, the team are committed to helping shield the planet. Not content to simply deliver outstanding rust removal and other chemical services, SR Corporation also makes sure that every product it creates is biodegradable and non-hazardous towards environments around the world. Technology plays a vital role in the mixing of chemicals and shipping of products to clients. In order to ensure all parties are receiving the best possible services, SR Corporation’s in- house IT department secures all databases, be they client or chemical-focused. Having also cultivated a social media presence that is available in both English and Bangla, the team are securing domestic and international interest to capitalise on. One of the firm’s more innovative offerings, besides the MC-51 Rust Remover range of products, is its Saturday Workshop. Integrated with academic institutions, non-government “...this team are dedicated to ensuring that every industry does what it can to protect and preserve the environment from harmful and dangerous pollutants.” SR Corporation’s MC-51 Rust Remover has been crucially designed around the end user. Rather than be used in one way or on one specific surface, the product can remove rust in mere minutes in a myriad of ways. Whether through the original, multi-application MC-51 Rust Remover itself, the MC-51 Wet Wipes, or the MC-51 Gel, industry clients can ensure