Business Awards 2019

14 APAC / 2019 Business Awards , Dialog Axiata PLC Nov19355 Best Telecommunications Service Provider - Sri Lanka Mobile phones are currently part of one of the biggest markets in the world, withmore people than ever before owning a phone and subscribing tomonthly plans. Dialog Axiata PLC is Sri Lanka’s flagship telecommunications service provider and the largest mobile network in the country. Discover the success that has led to Dialog not only being the largest, but also the best for telecommunications service provision. Nowadays, almost everybody owns a mobile phone. Everybody uses it differently, but the core competency of being able to communicate with someone who is potentially hundreds of miles away has meant that mobile phone technology is one of the fastest growing in the world today. Bringing that mobile telecommunication technology to the Asia Pacific region, and Sri Lanka in particular, is Dialog Axiata. A subsidiary of the Asia-Pacific-wide Axiata Group, Dialog is the Sri Lankan branch solely focused on being the countrywide leader for mobile telecommunications and a wide portfolio of multi-sensory connectivity services. Since the company’s formation in 1993, it has grown to become one of the largest listed companies on the Colombo Stock Exchange across Sri Lanka the last 25 years whilst maintaining market leadership position for 2 decades. The organization also distinguishes itself by being the first and only company in Sri Lanka to achieve a market capitalisation of $1 billion. As well as its size and notable market capitalisation, the subscriber market also shows Dialog as being the fastest growing operators with more than 15 million subscribers. In addition to the organization’s core business of mobile telecommunications, Dialog also offers a selection of other technological services to cement its supplementary position as the country’s best for fixed telecommunications, digital television, and broadband networks. Each fully-owned subsidiary of Dialog delivers award-winning services that have been recognised at prestigious ceremonies such as the Global Mobile Awards, and the SLIM- Nielsen People’s Choice Awards. Dialog has had the distinction of being voted the Telecom Service Provider of the Year for seven years in succession by Sri Lankan users, as well as being recognised as the Internet Service Provider of the Year for six consecutive years. However, for all the company’s size and success, it has never lost sight of that which matters most: delivering excellent and agile service to customers. In order to deliver this, Dialog began to transform the customer experience into a more refined combination of digital and human- centred techniques. The resulting techniques were used to solve problems in creative and innovative ways, which has in turn led to products and services that deliver superior customer experiences, growth in the business itself, and increased brand loyalty. Behind the award-winning telecommunications service that Dialog continue to deliver across Sri Lanka is a dedicated team of more than several thousand staff. Extremely diverse and highly talented, the firm places very strong emphasis on ensuring that talent is allowed to grow and develop. 2014 saw the introduction of a program themed “Service From My Heart” in a bid to increase trust and create a better service culture at the firm. The results have seen heightened levels of employee happiness, friendliness between colleagues, dedication & overall positivism towards Dialog and what it delivers. As the mobile phone industry continues to grow and become even more competitive, the key focus for Dialog remains squarely on what they already know works for the people of Sri Lanka. With increased amounts of television and digital transactions, and the rollout of 5G both taking place on mobile, the plan is to continue delivering excellent service through radical simplification of technologies and organizational transformation. Ultimately, however, the true focus of the organization is to continue retaining its well-earned spot as the country’s number one telecommunications service provider, loved and respected by the nation. Contact: Deshika Welikala Website: