Business Awards 2019

13 APAC / 2019 Business Awards , Nexia TS Group Best Mid-Tier Local Accounting Firm - Singapore Nov19249 There aren’t many businesses that have a hand in industries varying fromoil & gas to charities and non-profits. Such is the range that Nexia TS Group has, providing a whole array of professional services that offer clients solutions based on their individual needs and concerns. As winner of Singapore’s Best Mid-Tier Local Accounting Firm, we profiled this impressive company to find out more. Founded in 1993, Nexia TS has grown significantly over the last 27 years into an organisation that employed a handful of employees to provide work for over 250 professionals, serving offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and China. Committing to providing service of the highest quality, Nexia TS has made a huge impact in the time it has been operating through the philosophy of Listening, Thinking, Growing Asia. This is the driving force behind client service and the main message pushing the team at Nexia TS forward. Nexia TS has established a strong track record in many key sectors from oil & gas, to construction, to marine & shipping work, and this range continues to put the firm in good stead for future work. It assures clients that the team behind the scenes is willing to learn, gaining information through continuous learning and resources from the larger Nexia network. The ability to draw on Nexia International means that there is an incredible breadth of knowledge to be learned on various topics. Nexia TS brings the full suite of professional services to the table, covering everything from Assurance, Tax Advisory and Corporate Governance to Internal Audits, Valuation & Transaction Advisory and M&A Advisory. Singapore and Hong Kong have long been vying to be the top financial hub in the APAC region, with Hong Kong being a top destination for initial public offering. There was a plateau in 2018, however, which has allowing the consistent growth of Singapore to catch up. Often renowned as one of the best financial systems globally, this strong economy has managed to boosted investor confidence. Against this promising backdrop, Nexia TS is taking no chances. The firm has managed to complete 38 IPO listings in the capacity of Reporting Auditors and consultancy roles on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Automation and digitalisation are set to change the face of the finance industry, and Nexia TS is no different. Already the internal audit team is taking advantage of automation to promote visibility at a departmental and organisational level, increase consistency throughout the internal audit workflow and increase efficiency for greater risk management. Digitalisation, too, looks set to have an impact on proceedings, with widespread acceptance of electronic documentation allowing clients to become more mobile. Nexia TS has leaned into this process, successfully optimizing several business processes to go paperless. This has greatly increased efficiency, reduced human error and more excitingly for the client, it has led to significantly reduced costs. Whilst looking into AI and RPA, what unlocks the door to real growth in the industry is high- quality people working for the firm. Expected not only to be competent, but proactive and committed to the company, the team at Nexia TS have already been recognised for its progressive employment policies and its human capital development efforts. Trainings are taken seriously and targeted at every level to ensure that employees stay up to date with the latest skillsets to keep the business at the forefront of industry development. Looking ahead, Nexia TS needs to take advantage of the potential for transformational growth. Offering only the traditional services expected of the firm is not enough to satisfy in today’s climate. Reinvention, possibly through seizing opportunities in the white space by scaling up with partners, is always possible, but it’s clear that the growth of the business can be seen not in accounting or auditing, but in advisory-related services. Not only growing laterally, this growth strengthens the core competencies fundamental to growth in the future. At its heart, the work of Nexia TS is defined by its philosophy. Listening, Thinking, Growing Asia is not just the mission statement that drives the business, but the result of its dedication. It has led to working with a wide variety of firms in an impressive number of ways, building a strong reputation. Not content to provide a standard solution to individual problems, Nexia TS aims high and exceeds its target. This is why this mid-tier accountancy firm is so highly regarded across the industry. Contact: Henry Tan, Group CEO & Chief Innovation Officer Email: [email protected] Web Address: