Business Awards 2019

11 APAC / 2019 Business Awards , Oct19638 Best Event Entertainment Design & Décor Company 2019 - India If you need the perfect event planned and executed, there’s a wealth of options to choose from. For those in Eastern India, however, Moksh Events have proven itself to be incredibly adept at handling a wide range of different projects fromoffice illuminations to a couple’s wedding day. We caught up with Vijay Bokadia to find out more. Established in 1999, Moksh Events has grown into one of the major players in the events market of Eastern India. With its own troupe of exclusive performers, technical experience in every aspect of stage design and the expertise that only twenty years of on-the- job learning that teach, it’d be a struggle to find anyone more suited to handle a stage event. To begin, we asked Vijay about what sets Moksh Events apart from other companies in their respected industry to clients. ‘Transparency, commitment and the zeal to do our best in all our events whether small or big,’ he smiles, ‘and the personal touch we give. We treat any event as important to us as to the client, makes it different.’ This subtly explains the main driving force behind Moksh Events, namely the needs and wants of the client. This, more than anything else, explains the major difference between a company that will run an event and Moksh Events who will run an event that their client wants to see. This makes a significant difference as Moksh Events operates in a number of different markets, ranging from musical performers to weddings. Given the range of potential projects, we wondered if there was the chance that smaller scale ventures could potentially get left behind. ‘There is no compromise on the quality and vendors selection, which keeps the bar always high.’ The world of event design and décor can be one without respite. It’s a constantly evolving industry, fed by perpetual development in numerous areas. ‘As a company, and personally, we are always on the lookout for what’s happening around the world in our industry,’ Vijay assures us. ‘We try to adopt technologies which are, or can be, available easily and within budget, and we try present it to the client or incorporate the same for the client.’ This forward-thinking approach rewards those who explore the possibilities and with markets in India booming, there’s room for something a little different. ‘The Indian market is huge but mostly it is unorganised and the execution is always at its nick of time. Currently, there are double the numbers of unorganised groups or individuals who work in the same area. Leaving few distinguished vendors or suppliers, majorly the struggle lies in matching the levels by extracting the best outcomes from them. However, this has not held back Moksh Events, as the team are consistently putting on impressive shows. The reason they are able to succeed in the face of hardship is because of the strong team, with the additional support of Vijay’s brother Shashi who supports him and is integral part of the company’ s success. Both Vijay, Shashi and the rest of the team at Moksh Events have formed a close bond, which is centred around the firm. ‘The staff and the management are personally connected, or say, bonded like a family. Whenever we do a great event or get client praise, the entire company is happy and takes pride in itself.’ It’s an important point, and this attitude of searching for success means that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the ambitions of a project. ‘We have been very vocal to all our staff that there should be no compromise in terms of quality and value of commitment - that needs to be honoured at all costs, even if we need to take a hit due to some reason. Our employees understand the same and takes pride in the principles.’ As the future gets closer, Moksh Events has ventured into motivational talks from celebrities. It’s the sort of match made that is perfected by the potential growth of the market. By staying focused, this company has enormous potential to develop the market in India and beyond. Contact: Vijay Bokadia, Company Director Company: Moksh Events Pvt. Ltd Website: Telephone: 0091 9831669698 / 0091 9820930122 Email: [email protected] Moksh Events