Business Awards 2019

10 APAC / 2019 Business Awards , SIMON Contact Details: Contact: Kevin Brodie Web Address: Nov19029 Best School Management Software Developers - Australia Education is a vital industry, often underserved and overlooked. In an increasingly technologicallyminded world, creating a tool tomeet the needs of the whole education environment, from teachers to administrators to students, is paramount. SIMON is a Learning Management Software solution for schools that saves time andmoney, allowing the focus to return to teaching as best as possible. Join us as we profile this company to find out more. A not-for-profit initiative that capitalises on agile development strategies, SIMON is founded in the earnest desire to do better for school management. This belief is ingrained throughout the SIMON team, fostering the attitude that providing quality services to schools is more than just a job. With a growing community of 200 schools, SIMON has grown considerably in the last few years, and seems set to continue growing as the word spreads. Bringing together the disparate procedures often associated with disconnected, isolated single- role software solutions, SIMON is a tool for empowering schools to make sense of their unique landscapes of administrative and academic processes. Of course, what customers get with SIMON isn’t limited to an impressive piece of software for handling student management, learning management, school administration and parent communication. This allows staff to track behaviour over subjects outside of theirs, getting a fuller picture of how students act. Connecting to this hub is connecting to a universal community. SIMON staff constantly keep informing customers about new and upcoming products, alongside community updates about SIMON and from fellow SIMON schools. Online videos are often made to help guide users through new changes in a visual way. The beauty of SIMON’s system is that it doesn’t matter how big or how small a classroom is, whether it’s rural or metropolitan, whether it’s 30 or 3,000 enrolled. Incorporating SIMON is always straightforward and offers school teams access to an array of knowledgeable consultative resources specialising in both primary and secondary education environments. The intranet- based solution stores any and all data on a SIMON server, located on-site at the school for security. 24-hour access can be achieved through any browser on any web- enabled device. As a small company that prides itself on agility, resources are fluidly allocated where needed to fulfil requirements then placed quickly into the hands of the school after thorough testing by the SIMON team. This ease of movement is allowed by the overall subscription fee for SIMON’s services, giving every level of the program. Looking forward, SIMON is looking to use the immense amount of data it has accumulated. Taking this data and putting it into an ultimately useful form for schools is the next big step for the company, and it has partnered up with a major data analytics firm to make the most of this information. Inclusion of this data would make analysis more interesting for schools, allowing a complete overview of an individual student and of the student body as a whole. Looking forward, ongoing integration with standardised frameworks is both current and forthcoming, paving the way for future vendors to successfully incorporate these frameworks themselves. In many ways, this is the spirit of SIMON, not just fitting together the various pieces of isolated workflow to create a single, cohesive experience, but looking forward what possibilities are in the future to make that experience even better.