Business Awards 2018

8 APAC / 2018 APAC Business Awards , focus, Redback’s culture revolves around on four core company values: customer satisfaction, excellence, accountability and working in harmony.” Turning his attention to the future, Jeff is excited about the developments that the market has in store for the video conferencing space, which his firm is keen to adapt around. Drawing on its vast industry experience, Redback is an award-winning, best of breed company deploying the latest Webinar, Webcasting, Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing and Cloud Video Conferencing technologies to thousands of businesses in Australia and New Zealand while delivering an unmatched level of support, ease of use and peace of mind. Over the years, Redback has become a supplier of choice thanks to its commitment to providing conferencing services that are simple, secure and cost- effective, as Jeff explores in his opening comments. “At Redback, we deliver more fully managed Webinars and Webcasts than any business in Australia and New Zealand. We manage and deliver our customers’ webinars either remotely, in our ten greenscreen studios in Melbourne and Sydney or from live venues and auditoriums. With almost 50 full-time employees, we are making a difference in optimising our client’s webinar programs. Our solutions take the stress out of delivering a webinar program, increase the number of participants in those events and most importantly of all, we increase the level of engagement with those participants before, during and after the event.” Alongside its commitment to providing cutting-edge technological solutions, the firm Redback Conferencing Nov18623 Best Digital Conferencing Solutions Company 2018 Redback Conferencing is an Australian company that dramatically improves the way organisations meet, present and collaborate at a distance. CEO Jeff Downs explores how this is achieved thanks to the firm’s vast industry expertise and commitment to client service. is also proud of its focus on client service. Jeff discusses this and how it influences every aspect of the business. “Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority at Redback and is core to every single decision we make. We strive to deliver simplicity and peace of mind with every single interaction that we have with our customers. Dedication to customer satisfaction is the first value that we hire, fire or promote on. It is central to every single conversation that we have with the staff. It is also the reason why we enjoy a 98.1% customer return rate in a business model that is strictly pay per use and where there are no lock-in contracts.” To ensure it constantly delivers this exceptional standard of service and support to its valued clients, Redback has worked hard over the years to achieve a supportive, collaborative internal culture. This is something that Jeff is deeply passionate about, as he is proud to showcase. “Developing and nurturing our corporate culture is the most important thing that I do as CEO of Redback. Our success hinges on a healthy robust culture. If you do a good job, your competitors will copy everything you do. That means the only thing they can’t copy is your people. They are our ultimate key differentiator, and that is why culture is so critical. It enables us to attract, retain and develop the best people in the industry. It’s about treating other people the way you want to be treated and creating an environment where people are empowered to shape their own destiny. “ As a business, our objective is to build a company which is a great place to work for our employees. If we can do that, our customers will find it a great place to do business with. As part of this