Business Awards 2018

30 APAC / 2018 APAC Business Awards , Best for Education Administration Workflow Solutions - Australia Dec18311 SIMON Contact Details: Company: SIMON Name: Kevin Brodie Address: 8 Dawson St Sth, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, 3350 Telephone Number: 03 5337 7152 Web Address: SIMON is a not-for-profit initiative where the solution roadmap is closely controlled by schools that utilise the product. We profile the organisation to find out more. Since the beginning, SIMON has engaged with the requirements of the growing SIMON community of two hundred schools; by doing so, the organisation has been able to identify both short term workflows and an overall direction that benefits every level of a school community. Thanks to this innovative approach, SIMON is able to bring together the disparate procedures often associated with disconnected isolated single-role software solutions. This empowers the school to cohesively make sense of their own unique landscape of administrative and academic processes to produce valuable content that supports teacher, student and the wider community. Over the years, as SIMON has continued to grow, staff that have joined the team are selected based on their knowledge of schools and how the SIMON platform can best be implemented in various school environments. Schools find the advice of the organisation’s expert team extremely useful when implementing SIMON to bring about positive change in their organisations. It is the close relationships that the organisation develops with schools that helps it to build trust and enable a positive working relationship which assists schools with implementation and change management. Regardless of whether a school has thirty enrolments and is situated in a rural community or located closer to a capital city’s CBD with over three thousand enrolments of diverse ethnicities – the actual ability to incorporate SIMON is the same. The SIMON team provides access to a vast array of knowledgeable consultative resources specialising in both primary and secondary education environments. This includes a multi-level support framework, consisting of face-to-face consultations as well as phone, email and remote desktop services. Using SIMON is not just limited to software benefits, but real-world workflow advantages that is characterised by the seamless integrated nature of every modular component. The organisation’s software, also called SIMON, is an intranet- based solution. With all data stored on a SIMON Server located onsite at the school, 24-hour accessibility is achieved through any browser on any web-enabled device. SIMON is always being developed with mobile devices in mind, ensuring that all the benefits are just a touch away. SIMON’s multi-level support framework leverages the very best in available technology, including an industry standard ticketing system, video conferencing solutions and online accessible knowledge banks. Schools are kept informed via SIMON’s continual online publications that detail new and upcoming features as well as community updates from both the organisation’s staff and fellow SIMON schools. Often, links to online videos are made available to assist in the learning of new features, and demonstrations of existing workflows, and this makes the solution more user- friendly than others available on the market today. Going forward, 2019 marks a very exciting time for the SIMON Community. Subject and class learning resources and management are all currently in the process of receiving substantial development, and this will allow the organisation to further enhance its already incredible success. Last year the SIMON team held forums where members of the SIMON Community came together to brainstorm future ideas, directions and provide feedback, and over the coming months it will aim to implement these ideas and translate them into real change that will benefit the community and the students they teach.