Business Awards 2018

28 APAC / 2018 APAC Business Awards , Best Healthcare Technology Solutions Provider 2018 - Philippines Dec18309 Medilink Network Inc. Contact Details: Company: Medilink Network Inc. Contact: Esther Go Website: MediLink offers IT solutions that enable amore efficient, transparent, and accountable health ecosystem. We profile the firm to find out more. Founded in 1999 by banking and tech veterans, MediLink integrates cutting- edge IT tools for healthcare applications. Healthcare is a universal human need. However, because healthcare is expensive, access is a privilege enjoyed only by a few who are fortunate enough to have the capacity to pay or have employers who offer it as a benefit. As such, over the years the healthcare industry has been paper-intensive challenged with rising costs, overworked staff, increasing patient volume, and operates under intense regulatory scrutiny. Seeking to overcome these challenges and change the healthcare market for the better, Medilink’s comprehensive services encompass underwriting validation, card production, eligibility check, transaction authorization, claim processing, and payment settlement, analytics, and AI-enabled decision support. Additionally, its integrated IT platform connects insurers, healthcare providers and insured members through an electronic network covering more than two million lives. The company partners with the health ecosystem – the payors, providers, and members -- to implement ICT solutions that promote efficiency, transparency, and sustainable profitable growth. To ensure that it continues to offer its clients solutions that are at the forefront of emerging market developments, MediLink is a proud member of the Equicom Group of Companies, a conglomerate with interests in information technology, health care, dental care, banking and finance. The company itself is a partnership between F.E. Zuellig (a subsidiary of the Zuellig Pharma conglomerate) and Equitable Computer Services, and draws on the experience of these firms to ensure excellence for every service user at all times. Overall, the future looks bright for Medilink as the firm looks set to continue to enhance its already impressive service offering to ensure it remains at the very cutting-edge of the latest developments within the constantly-evolving, fast-paced healthcare technology market.