Business Awards 2018

27 APAC / 2018 APAC Business Awards , Best Architectural Design Studio 2018 - Osaka Dec18307 Arbol Contact Details: Company: Arbol Contact: Yousaku Tsutsumi Website: Arbol is a full-service architectural design office seeking to offer an innovative approach to design. We profile the firm to learnmore and explore the secrets behind its success. Building on its team’s vast experience, Arbol is a building design office that is trying to pursue and harmonize the harmony between people and space, such as architecture, interior, interior, renovation, renovation, and so on. Designed with natural materials, natural flow lines, natural comfort, incorporating natural materials, all of Arbol’s building are unique and seek to offer a creative perspective. Specialising in residential design work, the practice undertakes a wide range of projects, and even designs unique pieces of furniture to suit its clients’ individual tastes and requirements. The company can support clients with unique needs, such as land that requires specialist designs such as eel bedding, narrow spaces and sloping ground. As such, the company has a vast and varied portfolio of successful projects. When working on a new project, Arbol will start by creating a design drawing based on its clients’ proposal. In the design drawing, various information for the building to actually build is stated. In addition to the plan, sectional and elevational views, the structure diagram which is the skeleton of the building, the equipment diagram which is the organ, the detailed map showing the fit of the wall, the floor, the ceiling, and the design. These details will be provided to the client, who will collaborate with the team to ensure that they create a perfect plan before work begins. In addition to Osaka, where the office is based, Arbol is able to handle properties in Hyogo, Nara, Gifu, Kochi Prefecture and others. Currently in progress, planned properties include Hokkaido, Tokyo, Okinawa, Tokushima, Kagawa and Hyogo prefecture. Looking to the future, Arbol will continue to undertake a wide variety of projects and work with a variety of clients to ensure that enhances its already phenomenal success over the years to come.