Business Awards 2018

26 APAC / 2018 APAC Business Awards , Best Workforce Educational & Training Management Consultancy - New South Wales Nov18577 Insources Group Pty Ltd Contact Details: Company: Insources Group Pty Ltd Contact: Javier Amaro Website: Drawing onmore than 12 years’ experience, Insources is a performance improvement consulting organisation dedicated to providing its clients with the benefit of its vast industry knowledge and experience. Having recognised the firm in our 2018 APAC Business Awards we profile it to learnmore about the range of services it has to offer. Established in Australia in 2006, Insources has grown to become a leading organisation specialised in talent development, competency-based education and training, and performance improvement accountability. Thanks to its vast industry experience supporting Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to deliver quality, industry relevant training, and maintain continuous compliance in a highly regulated environment, the firm is now able to offer a wide range of services to support a myriad of clients. Over the years, Insources has supported public and private organisations to align training solutions with business needs, deliver quality, industry relevant training, and maintain continuous compliance with regulatory requirements. Its commitment to quality and positive ROI for our clients has helped the firm to become a global force for supporting individuals and organisations in talent development and ROI. As such, the company is able to combine its staffs’ specialist skills in vocational education and training, managing people and developing talent, quality and compliance, operations, strategy and technology. The firm’s dedicated consultants will help any organisation achieve quality and compliance goals in a sustainable and cost-effective way. When working with any client, the team will consider their operations, environment and the skills of their current staff and help them to implement and adopt the systems that will work for their RTO. Ultimately, Insources believes a successful training and education organisation delivers quality and industry relevant training in a sustainable way, maintains continuous compliance and satisfies stakeholder expectations. This will remain the firm’s core focus as it looks towards a bright and prosperous future filled with exciting and invigorating opportunities.