Business Awards 2018

19 APAC / 2018 APAC Business Awards , Contact Details: Company: Compare Your Life Pty Ltd Contact: Rebecca Firns Website: Compare Your Life Pty Ltd Compare Your Life Pty Ltd Nov18347 Most Innovative Risk Insurance Tech Provider 2018 - Australia Compare Your Life Pty Ltd combines comprehensive product information and expert knowledge to create powerful, completely automated solution, which allows users to enjoy a compliant insurance process withminimumadministrative input. Having recognised the firm in our 2018 APAC Business Awards we profile it to find out more. Compare Your Life was established with the specific purpose of providing software solutions for the financial services industry. Today, the company provides advanced and exclusive technology helps which users to better solutions quicker and make insurance truly transparent. Over the years, the company has created a methodology to compare complex financial insurance products and have registered a patent describing the method and presentation of comparisons. Thanks to a strong team of financial and IT experts with many years of experience in their respective fields, Compare Your Life has been able to create and implement its comprehensive solution which can be tailored specifically to the modern business with efficiencies and compliance built in. The firm’s flagship product is iFace, a modularised system which can be configured to each installation as required. The iFace Goal Finder and iFace Financial Needs Analysis components acquire all necessary information online in a user-friendly way. The iFace rule engine identifies the best matching product and also suggests alternative products based on the goals the client has identified. A statement of advice is created automatically and can be sent by email or viewed online. Additionally, the iFace CRM also contains workflow definitions and communication templates that can easily be personalised to the users requirements to actively support the client throughout the Life Insurance process. This includes from the initial advice through to claims. Looking ahead, Compare Your Life will continue to adapt its solution offering and enhance iFace so that clients continue to enjoy cutting- edge solutions that will meet their ever-evolving needs.