Business Awards 2018

13 APAC / 2018 APAC Business Awards g Hong Chi Pinehill Complex Architecture Practice of the Year 2018 - Hong Kong Contact Details: Company: Eric Design Architect Ltd Contact: Eric Chan Website: Email: [email protected] have defined the firm’s success this year; one is the largest it has ever undertaken, and the other the smallest. Both are very special and meaningful, and have just been completed in December 2018. The first of these projects, the Hong Chi Pinehill Complex, is the largest rehabilitation facilities in Hong Kong for people with intellectual disabilities (PID). The project includes Hostel for Persons with Moderately Mentally Handicapped; Pre-School Complex which includes Special Child Care Centre and Early Education and Training Centre; and Social Service Complex which includes Integrated Vocational Training Centre, Day Activity Centre and Hostel for Severely Mentally Handicapped Persons. In this Project, complicated functional requirements are well accomplished while creating a cheerful home for the PID. The total construction cost of the Project is about HK$550M. Upon completion, over 1,100 beneficiaries will be served. At the same time, EDArch has completed the smallest Catholic Novitiate for Sisters of the Precious Blood. Due to land use zoning restrictions, the building height limit is restricted to 8.23m while covered area shall not more than 65 sq.m.. This has resulted in a small 3-storey building. Eric treated this small commission as a very meaningful religious mission. The Novitiate would enable a space for those young ladies who are determining their destiny or dedication of God, and provide them opportunities to experience consecrated life. Light is the key in the design, expressing creation by God and evoking religious atmosphere. The cross, the symbol of crucifixion, is expressed in various forms, solid or void, abstract or figurative, fosters the spirit of salvation. The ever- changing light, in days, nights and seasons, gives life to the architecture. The building lies humbly below the Heaven, where the sky is the dominant feature. Looking ahead, EDArch will continue to focus on creating truly spectacular projects that are both unique and in-keeping with Hong Kong’s existing vibrancy and innovation. Precious Blood Novitiate Precious Blood Novitiate Hong Chi Pinehill Complex