Business Awards 2018

12 APAC / 2018 APAC Business Awards , Eric Design Architect Ltd Nov18807 Architecture Practice of the Year 2018 - Hong Kong Eric Design Architect Ltd (EDArch), is a Hong Kong based architectural practice focusing on institutional projects. We profile the firm to find out more about the secrets behind its success over the years. Established in 1995, over the years EDArch has flourished, and it now supports a wide range of clients and creates innovative projects throughout Hong Kong. Eric Chan, the founder of EDArch, was born and raised in Hong Kong. In this region where fast changing in every aspect is the norm and competition in the field is intense, Eric has demonstrated his perseverance in his architectural pursuits. He has always been exploring new design possibilities while creating designs that are unpretentious and pleasingly functional. Today, he sees the unique characteristics of Hong Kong, which lie in the mixture of activities, the intermingling of different visions and the overlapping of multi-disciplines both in the tangibles and the intangibles. Balanced or not, it is a co-existence of differences and variations. His designs always draw inspiration from these unique characteristics of Hong Kong and explore ‘Symbiosis and Amalgamation’. He admires the beauty of uncertainties. This is reflected in his design process of creation out of the symbiosis and amalgamation, under which architectural forms and spaces with vast potentials and possibilities are created, and such generates surprises. Fundamentally, Eric pursues for simplicity and purity in designs. Above all, he designs with passion and joy, and with upheld drive and persistence for an architect’s dream - to create architecture which are inspiring and touching. He prides himself on his ability to benefit and contribute to some sectors of the society and has acquired considerable recognition in the architectural field. Since the beginning, EDArch has always been a small practice as the core, while having various flexible work forces for various specific tasks. Over the years, Eric has been mastering every aspect of EDArch in an abstract organization like a single cell organism. From a single cell, it proliferates and mutates. Splitting and integrating have both been happening at the same time all the time. With this lifeform, EDArch has demonstrated vitality. Eric is extremely grateful to the many people who had walked with him along this 23 years’ journey. The works of EDArch demonstrate the endeavours of its team members, past and present, to whom Eric expresses his sincere thanks. Overall, 2018 has been an exciting and very meaningful year to EDArch. Two key projects Hong Chi Pinehill Complex Eric Chan