Business Awards 2018

10 APAC / 2018 APAC Business Awards , iResearch Dec18431 Best Internet Industry Market Research Firm - China iResearch has been focusing on internet industry research for 16 years. As a professional third- party institution, it helps clients tomake business decisions. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success. Originally established by Henry Yang in 2002, iResearch Consulting believes that technology drives bigger dreams. It has promoted the development of internet new economy through industry research. By now, the research business of iResearch Consulting has expanded to the fields of big data research, corporate consulting, investment research, new retail research, etc. iResearch Consulting helps companies to understand the market and make intelligent decisions. Today, thanks to its vast experience in the market, this dedicated company provides its clients with data products, and professional services such as research consulting. Their services help these companies to enhance their profitability, overall competitiveness, and understanding of the markets. IResearch Consulting is headquartered in Beijing and Shanghai and it has more than 5 branches. iResearch has more than 500 employees worldwide. The firm’s other offices are located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Silicon Valley, New York, and Hong Kong. By cultivating and attracting talents, iResearch has built a well-trained team with passion and enthusiasm, enabling it to provide innovative products and services for its customers. iResearch has a research team of over 200 experts in many research fields. It has released thousands of internet industry research reports and worked on hundreds of consulting research projects. This dedicated team release industry reports and user data that have been quoted often by the media and have set benchmarks in various sectors. They also monitor online audiences across personal computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and other devices based on panels of millions of Internet users. This data help iResearch to carry out research in sectors such as online marketing, e-commerce, mobile internet, big data and internet finance, etc. IReaearch has provided customized research and consulting services for over 2,000 companies, covering 90% of the Top 100 internet companies. The research areas include the internet, mobile Internet, e-commerce, internet finance, online marketing, pan-entertainment, and other traditional internet areas. The company is also the primary third- party data provider for the IPO documents of a number of Chinese internet companies. In line with its concept of “Data Make It Happen”, iResearch provides customers with business data intelligent solutions based on intelligence + data + services, covering consumer insights, market competition monitoring, the refined operation of enterprises, and shared data services. Seeking to build upon its current success, over the coming years iResearch will keep pursuing progress and make itself a respected third-party research institution with strong dynamic competitiveness. This focus will guide the company as it looks towards a bright future. Contact Details: Company: iResearch Website: