APAC Business Awards 2017

6 APAC / Business Awards 2017 , DebtCol’s innovative software covers the entire debt collection process, including litigation, repossessions, process serving, field investigation and online database searching, supported in a single application that has been proven to be successful and is used daily by more than 1800 users. Eighteen years of listening to feedback has ensured that the software is practical and easy to use by anyone familiar with the debt collection process. Faster collection means better client service, which is a huge competitive advantage for the firm’s clients. As such, DebtCol is committed to offering the very highest standards of client service and support, as Sandy emphasises. “At DebtCol, the philosophy behind our service is simple: to want the best for our clients and to deliver the best in quality and AB170001 DebtCol Software Pty Ltd. DebtCol Software provides a complete software solution that helps Collection Agents and Law Firms to collect debt faster. We caught up with Sandy Barrett to find out more and explore the secrets behind the firm’s success. innovation for their success. Our success becomes a by-product of their success. We maintain a high standard of service across the company because of the company culture we have created and sustain. This starts at the top with me and filters all the way through the staff. Everyone knows the values that are integral to us and what their purpose is and everyone is rewarded for delivering their best. “To ensure that our solution lives up to expectations, DebtCol has invested in a comprehensive user knowledge base where users of the product can find what they seek whether it be knowledge articles or videos, or through an online helpdesk tracking system or LiveChat interaction with our helpdesk staff. Leveraging from technology is important to us because it keeps us organised and able to continuously provide the highest level of service possible. As an IT provider of software, it is integral that we too utilise the best software to meet our needs.” Being based in Australia offers the firm a great base to work with international clients and utilise this collaborative approach, as Sandy highlights. “The APAC region is a diverse space to operate a business in. It is full of opportunities and while DebtCol only services the Australian market at present, there are plans to expand further into the APAC region with several opportunities from various parts of Asia, Fiji and New Zealand. The Australian market is highly professional and compliant and extremely competitive, so for us to operate in this space, we need to provide our clients with a solution that allows them to succeed in the same space.” Looking ahead, Sandy is excited as he outlines the developments which will lead DebtCol to a prosperous future. “Over the last 12 months DebtCol has been focusing its attention on APIs. An Application Programming Interface allows and manages interaction between two connected services. So for us, operating business in an extremely competitive market, having APIs to offer our clients means they can create their own plug-ins to our software to give themselves a competitive edge. APIs can also assist with providing disparate systems with live updates which bring much greater efficiencies and accuracy, vastly improving their bottom line. “Moving forward, the immediate future sees DebtCol extending its APIs and allowing for more strategic integrations that further benefits its clients and further extending its market share as a result. This will provide us with many great opportunities to build upon our current success which we are looking forward to taking advantage of.” DebtCol Software Pty Ltd, helps Collection Agents and Law Firms in collecting debt faster.