APAC Business Awards 2017

4 APAC / Business Awards 2017 , BDA is Australia’s leading franchise consultancy firm with particular focus on developing franchise systems. Mark discusses how the firm works to provide clients with the very highest standards of support and service. “At BDA, we pride ourselves on the ability to work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to achieve the very best outcomes. Our philosophy is underpinned by our education, training and events platforms. Our strength lies in the ability to tailor our services to the individual business needs by carefully combining the business’ current strengths and capabilities with our proven business development strategies and knowledge of the market.” Operating in a fast paced, ever evolving industry, BDA works hard to ensure that it remains at the forefront of new developments. Mark talks us through the industry and how his firm will adapt around the LG170001 Business Development Alliance Business Development Alliance (BDA) works with business owners to identify components of their businesses that are not realising their full potential and to build a stronger, sustainable, more profitable future. We spoke to DirectorMark Fernandez to find out more about the firm and the range of services it offers. changes it is seeing to ensure it continues to provide clients with real practical cutting edge solutions. “The Australian Franchise Industry has an estimated 1120 Franchise Systems, more than 79,000 units of businesses, employs over 470,000 people and contributes over $146 billion in revenue to the Australian Economy. It is also estimated that the number of Franchise systems in Australia will grow to around 1344 by 2020. “The industry is growing; however, the constant need to reinvent and maintian a sustainable business model will become an even bigger challenge with the growth of online and digital sales technologies. We have seen large brands disappear overnight, partly because of the lack of understanding to what franchising is. Boards and Management are faced with diminishing margins, tougher customer service expectations and government regulation, all of which requires high level thinking and operational deployment.” As well as working around the developments in the corporate landscape, BDA also has to adapt to the changes it sees in the franchising space, as Mark explains. “Franchising is highly regulated and with good cause. Over the past 12 months we have seen the introduction of new legislation by Fair Work Ombudsman, targeting ‘vulnerable workers’’. The Act, is designed to ensure that workers payments and conditions meet the awards and correct entitlements. As of 28 October this is now the responsibility of the Franchisor across their network to oversee and ultimately be held responsible with the franchisee should a breach of the Act be found. “At BDA, we have undertaken to educate as much as possible and have hosted a ‘Franchise Forum’ on this hot topic to try and demystify the myths that surround the new changes. We are working with systems to help them implement some of the ‘best practises’ around the changes in the Act, to improve their businesses and reduce the risk of exposure.” Thanks to these developments, the future looks bright for BDA, as Mark is proud to conclude. “Overall, we are excited at the opportunities that come along with an ever changing economic world of business. We see our role to guide Franchisors, Franchisees and entrepreneurs in a way to get the best out of their people and ultimately the best ROI for the brand. There are so many opportunities to be able to work with new and emerging franchise systems and those looking to come to Australia. We pride ourselves on being able to assist any business, but the business has to want the help. Technology will play a big part of the next few years and we are excited to be focusing our efforts on improving franchisor and franchisee relationships whilst building sustainable businesses.”