APAC Business Awards 2017

26 APAC / Business Awards 2017 , Founded by highly experienced professionals, Signicent has a mixed team of young and experienced talent that gives the firm a unique edge over its competitors. Since inception, the company has served more than 300 businesses from over 25 countries and has global footprints. Today, Signicent remains dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes including companies, law firms, universities, small businesses, investment, licensing and market research firms. There are currently more than 30 services being offered to clients to support entire technology life cycle since the conception of idea to product commercialization and its exit. Harit is eager to discuss the range of services that the company offers to its clients and how it works to tailor its solutions to meet their needs. “At Signicent, our most popular services remain patentability search, white space and AB170011 Signicent Information Solutions LLP Signicent is an Indianmultinational working in the area of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), as well as Market and Business Research. We caught up with CEOHarit Mohan to find out more about the firmand the range of services it offers. landscape analysis of technology, patent drafting, drawings and filling of applications, competitive intelligence and portfolio management, freedom to operate analysis, commercialization and market research studies. “Often, we extend technological support in patent litigation matters to knock down patents in invalidation studies and can help locate infringers too. In multiple cases Signicent has helped innovator sell and license out their technology after deducing commercial value of the subject technology. Signicent has specialized team for trademark and copyright searches as well. Additionally, our Patent Dashboard platform (PatViewTM), a cloud based software allow users to analyse and visualize patents, is a big hit in market and is being used by world technology leaders today. “Overall, currently our strong team, comprising of over 60 members, is currently working for appliances and chip manufacturing industry, telecommunication, software, networking and security companies, automobile and robotic giants, biotech, pharmaceutical and biomedical majors, petrochemical, energy, mining and metallurgical companies spread over the globe.” As well as offering a vast array of services, Signicent also focuses on quality, and as such the firm is constantly putting enormous effort into researching how to improvise users’ interaction with its deliverables and reports. This level of quality could not be achieved without an exceptional team, and therefore the firm works hard to cultivate an exceptional company culture in which staff can flourish, as Harit is keen to highlight. “At Signicent, we nourish open culture and freedom to express atmosphere. The HR department’s perpetual work helps develop communication, agility, sense of responsibility, innovation and team spirit. The personal bonding activities and team building exercises played under the banner of (SigWar) are conducted within Signicent family (Sigly) routinely. These activities bring in happiness and joy and help us in setting and achieving bigger goals with team work. “To ensure the continued maintenance of this culture, Signicent has been very careful in hiring team members who can work towards our common vision. We look for personality traits such as undying spirit to learn and innovate, patience, enthusiasm, adaptability to changes, and willingness to work in a team. These traits help us to nurture new recruits in a way that creates a symbiotic relationship where each individual gets benefited. “In addition, we sporadically reward the exceptional performances and give recognition to the innovative minds. Fundamentally, our fantastic work culture has become a reason to envy us for competitors and a magnet to attract best talent in the IPR industry.” Looking to the future, Harit sees many exciting opportunities for greater growth and achievement for Signicent as the company moves into even more territories and markets. “Over the years Signicent has grown at rapid pace, and we are still in the exponential phase of growth curve and thus we see lot of opportunity areas. As such, we are focusing on expanding our business in new geographies in coming year. We are also eying on increasing our participation at national and international events. “Alongside this, we are also planning to invest more on search databases especially on semantic, structure and sequence base databases. Our next version of Patent Dashboard PatViewTM is planned to be launched in this year which will be even faster, smoother and provide more analytical capabilities.”