Australian Made Awards 2023

Feb22538 APAC Insider- Australian Made Awards 2023 The relentless progress of computing and information technologies in the 21st century has pushed Moore’s Law to its limits. But, with Innofocus, the future looks more promising. Here we learn more about Innofocus from CEO and Founder Frank Yao as it wins its title in the Australian Made Awards 2023. As we stand at the threshold of miniaturisation’s physical constraints, integrated photonic chips have emerged as a beacon of hope, poised to supplant silicon chips as the cornerstone of future technological advancements. These photonic marvels promise to deliver a transformative leap in performance, offering unparalleled throughput, reduced power consumption, and minimised heat generation, heralding a new era of innovation that transcends the limitations of Moore’s Law. The realisation of commercial integrated photonic chips hinges on meticulous quality control measures, a feat that has yet to be accomplished. The lack of a method capable of precisely characterising the structural integrity of photonic chips and devices, as defined by their threedimensional refractive index distributions, presents formidable challenges for the development and quality control of integrated photonic chip products. Innofocus has been at the forefront of intelligent nanofabrication equipment and photonic device development. As a global leader in deep-tech equipment manufacturing, Innofocus has pioneered the nanoLAB H3D, a patented intelligent laser nanofabrication system equipped with ground breaking 3D refractive index quantitative metrology capabilities. This unique technology represents the world’s first commercially available nanofabrication system capable of performing not nanoscale fabrication but also in-situ 3D refractive index characterisation and imaging, positioning Innofocus as an indispensable player in the design, manufacturing and characterisation of integrated photonic devices commercialisation. Harnessing the power of in-situ inspection, the nanoLAB H3D unveils the intricate 3D structural information of photonic devices, meticulously measuring the spatial distribution of the refractive index with an astounding precision of 10-3. This comprehensive structural insight sheds light on the fundamental properties that govern the performance of photonic devices, shaping critical parameters such as coupling efficiency and insertion loss. By deciphering the intricate interplay between structural information and performance parameters, developers and manufacturers can harness the power of precise structural control to optimise photonic device performance. This revolutionary technique eliminates the conventional, time-consuming iterative development process, replacing it with a high-speed, non-destructive quantitative measurement approach, paving the way for the optimal manufacturing of photonic devices with unparalleled quality control by extending their scrutiny beyond the final product to encompass each step of the manufacturing process. This unprecedented level of oversight not only ensures the highest quality of photonic devices but also empowers manufacturers to identify and rectify manufacturing deficiencies early on, significantly reducing the incidence of product failures. Thisequipmentoffersunparalleled flexibility and versatility, serving as an indispensable tool for the development of a wide spectrum of integrated photonic devices, including 3D complex optical waveguides, fiber Bragg gratings, photonic wire bonding, and microlens arrays. It provides robust support for a diverse range of applications across industries such as optical communication, optical sensing, VR/AR, optical computing, and storage. In a significant step forward, Innofocus is set to unveil a standalone metrology equipment this year, the HoloView 3DRI, addressing the burgeoning demand for quality control in photonic devices. This new equipment will further improve Innofocus’s full stack capabilities of developing world-class new devices that will fuel the global photonics revolution in the postMoore’s Law era. At Innofocus, our culture is built upon our motto: “Keep Innovating, Stay Focused.” We are deeply committed to laser nano-fabrication equipment development, advanced photonic devices nano-manufacturing, and new nanostructured material development. We are proud to be awarded the “Full View Photonics Chip Metrology Specialist 2023.” This award is not just a recognition of the efforts of our team, but a testament to the dedication and innovation of Innofocus in pushing the boundaries of photonics and metrology fields. Contact Details Contact: Frank Yao Company: Innofocus Photonics Technology Pty Ltd Web Address: Full View Photonics Chip Metrology Specialist 2023 Aug23495