Australian Made Awards 2023

APAC Insider- Australian Made Awards 2023 the latest available technology, the vertical man lift utilises an electrically powered hydraulic system to ensure reliable and user-friendly operation. The UE vertical man lift has the unique inclusion of a central mast, which minimises machine vibration and enhances safety and stability. The lift includes a multi-function control panel, stainless steel cages, and high-quality spiral electric cable. The central mast utilises high strength and durable aircraft aluminium materials which reduces the overall weight and improves stability. The various UE models offer working heights between 8m and 16.5m and are suitable for internal atriums in modern buildings, façade & high ceilings, stadiums, exhibition halls, foyer lighting works, and many other applications. Fostering a positive company culture encourages the team to consistently seek innovations and strive for success. With over 20 years of industry experience, AHI has developed a strong customer focus within its supportive environment. The company understands that a positive culture creates a more efficient workforce and provides facilities for the entertainment and convenience of its staff to enjoy during their downtime. It is a priority for AHI to identify candidates in the recruitment process who share the same company values of respect, safety, and high-quality standards. The organisation has created a supportive and dedicated team with the capacity to achieve AHI’s long-term goals. Most recently, AHI has faced increasing cost pressures in parts acquisition and the manufacturing process of its LLA platforms. Its skilled engineers are required to be selective with parts sourcing while maintaining consistent high-quality standards. AHI aims to introduce more innovative designs and customised products tailored to meet their specific needs. The company’s strategic plans involve the expansion of its product range and further penetration into global markets. AHI is confident of the future potential growth in its new range of low-level access platforms and is working hard to further expand its capability and scope. The company has now established two factories overseas to satisfy its customer demands. With a mission to maintain its competitive position through its flexible approach to logistics and consistent delivery of high-quality standards, AHI will increase the presence of Australian brands in its industry by continuing to distribute its superior products to global markets. Access Holdings International has received an Australian made award for this year’s Best Global Vertical Access Man Lifts Manufacturer & Supplier. Contact: Vincent Sim Company: Access Holdings International Pty Ltd Web Address: