Australian Made Awards 2023

Possessing more than 30 years of continuous innovation within the medical and aesthetic equipment market, BTL Aesthetics is one of the world’s most celebrated and esteemed manufacturers of its kind, with offices in more than 80 countries across the globe. The company proudly develops, manufactures, and markets an extensive portfolio of recognised products, and over the last decade has developed a series of non-invasive medical systems, namely EMSCULPT NEO®, EMFACE®, EMSCULPT®, EXION™, EMSELLA®, EMSCULPT® and EMTONE®. Through these products, the company has served to revolutionise the aesthetic market, offering solutions that are the most advanced in the field. We speak with BTL Australia’s Sales Director Gareth Pepper, to learn more about these innovative products that rule one of the fastest-growing segments of the aesthetic medicine market. Since its founding in 1993, BTL has gone on to cement its place among the world’s elite manufacturers of aesthetic equipment, developing a host of aesthetic solutions that cater to an array of industry needs. Years of extensive research and development has resulted in the BTL Aesthetics team being able to substantially enlarge and diversify the company’s portfolio, and innovations have been experienced across multiple medical specialities, with a number of patents being secured that have proved detrimental to the benefiting of patients’ lives, both physically and mentally. To this end, the business is proud to have caused an aesthetic revolution, offering the most advanced noninvasive solutions in areas such as body shaping, cellulite, facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, and other such treatments. 2023 has seen BTL celebrate three decades of innovation, capping off several years of launching multiple top-of-therange devices, introducing unique synergistic combinations of treatments and protocols that has launched the company head and shoulders above other market competitors. The company’s foundation, and subsequent legacy, encapsulates a commitment to strong scientific research. Spanning seven major markets consisting of more than 6200 BTL providers globally, more than two million EMSCULPT brand treatments have been carried out worldwide since its introduction in 2018. All of the products offered by the company are developed in-house and backed by this commitment to strong scientific research across every stage of the manufacturing process. The quality and reliability of the brand thus speaks for itself; proud to innovate, and proud to be in Australia. In order to ensure continued growth and success, BTL has fostered a nurturing culture that champions a friendly atmosphere, inviting every individual within its ranks to join the company’s extended family, a diverse, caring, and dedicated community which happily pertains to the high standards the company holds itself to, making a true difference within the aesthetic medical sector. Since we spend the majority of our lives working, it is the organisation’s overall goal to help each team member grow on a personal and professional level, aiming to adjust their journey to coincide with that of the wider company. BTL thus offers a host of employment opportunities and benefits, and in return, seeks only for its employees to show respect, trust, and loyalty, three traits necessary for the company to operate at the consistently high level for more than 30 years now, and allowing for the cultivation of mutually beneficial partnerships with the top industry experts which the company frequently liaises and works with. The business strives to deliver the best possible results to customers, and the wider industry alike, and knows that this can only be achieved through individuals working as a team to reach shared targets and achieve joint goals. To this end, a dynamic and collaborative working environment is given the Most Innovative Aesthetic Solutions Manufacturer 2023 Sep23515