Australian Made Awards 2022

Feb22538 A leading manufacturer of quality polyethylene products, Dolphin Plastics and Packaging creates quality packaging for quality products. Small enough to put the customer first and big enough to handle the business’s key accounts seamlessly, it manages to manufacture large product runs in its full-service process, made possible by its incredibly dedicated and diligent team of professionals. Working with all different types of plastic, its friendly and front-running attitude and ability to serve a huge range of businesses has secured it a pedigree across all different verticals of the market in Queensland. Having made a name for itself in a wide variety of sectors from retail to industrialproduction, mining, medical, agriculture, and asbestos removal, Dolphin Plastics and Packaging has been utilising its exceptional experience in order to guarantee impeccable service. With a wide range of products that cover cytotoxic waste bags, plants, custom packaging, and more, its knowledgeable, helpful, and experienced people provide the best products on the market, making use of the newest innovations in polyethylene film extrusions. Nominally, the years of procedure development and policy improvement under its belt have allowed it to continue to keep abreast of and to reliably meet the changing standards of the wider world. When it comes to Australian Standards of Compliance, it cuts no corners and takes no risks, operating with the utmost tenacity in order to develop robust packaging that fulfils even the most demanding roles. Critically, it wants to know what its customer’s expectations are so that it can always go above and beyond. Such attitudes have earned it a multitude of accreditations such as the ISO9001-2015, as well as recognition for its environmental commitments and policies, all of which promise to vastly reduce carbon footprint, cut down on carbon monoxide production, and increase the use of its recycling and pelletizing machine. Across the board, diversity is another commitment for Dolphin. Taking pride in its diverse, unique, and tightly knit team, it invites new recruits into a space that values personal differences and a variety of backgrounds, one where everyone shares a crystal-clear vision of what the company is trying to achieve. Empowered in trust, this has cultivated an internal atmosphere of people who know their market, customers, and industry from the demands being made of the company to the constants and opportunities of the manufacturing sector in the macro scale. Today, both challenges and opportunities are numerous. The latter include government support of manufacture and development, as well as increased market respect for environmental sustainability, and the former include the difficulties presented by international trade embargos, procurement issues, and raw supply disruptions. Indeed, with such challenges presented to the Australian manufacturing industry such as new parameters surrounding trade, internal procurement issues, and supply chain mapping, Dolphin’s specialized products are bringing new ways of looking at plastics the world over. Thanks to its exemplary production acumen, delivery abilities, and customization, the industry 4.0 proclivities it has become known for are allowing for growth of its own business and the wider sector proper. In short: watch this space. Company: Dolphin Plastics and Packaging Contact: Emma Shepherd Website: Best Plastic Packaging Manufacturers - QLD Aug22573