Australian Made Awards 2022

May22239 Having been a mobile hairdresser for over 12 years, Ethan Thomas has founded his bespoke, outstanding, and rigorously quality tested hairdressing products platform – the Ethan Thomas Collection – in order to give his clients easy access to his product range. Indeed, this is a service that his clients have been clamouring for, as during his mobile haircare he brings the best of the best with him, but to travel with enough stock to supply the demand for those who wished purchase his haircare products off him was untenable. Thus, the Ethan Thomas Collection became the solution. Nominally, the Ethan Thomas Collection is an online service through which Ethan’s clients can access his product range, having it delivered directly to them so that they may work it into their usual haircare routine. Thus, Ethan Thomas Collection as a business has become a trusted and well-known provider of such products. It posts its products to clients all over Australia in order to give even his clients on the furthest reaches of the continent access to the founder’s own expertise, resulting in another benefit as the business began to use the website to collate feedback on various items in stock. This has allowed it to give increasingly accurate expectations and directives regarding what kind of hair type each product is best for, and in what sort of routine each product would work best, always dedicated to acting on the comments, concerns, and queries of its clients in order to better its own business. Fundamentally, its organic, Aussie-made, vegan-friendly, sulphate-free, and parabenfree range has been developed to suit a wide diversity of the market segment. It also does not carry products with overpowering smells, preferring subtle tones that do not denote the involvement of harsh chemicals. Having started the platform in 2017, the Ethan Thomas Collection has grown exponentially since, and shows no signs of stopping. Moving from the tiny bedroomwhere it began to the warehouse it currently has space in, it can store and send so many more products, made possible by its incredible team of hard-working staff; this warehouse – Fairhaven – is also NDIS certified for accessibility. This means that the Ethan Thomas Collection is manned by many differently abled people, all of whom are equally thanked for their incredible efforts in supporting clients. Moreover, this staff is how the Ethan Thomas Collection was able to pull through the tumult of the pandemic, pushing through challenges such as supply issues that made it hard to keep up with demand, hitting bottle caps and labels as well as raw ingredients, but its people helped it power through. Supporting Australian made pedigree both within the continent and internationally, Ethan Thomas himself ensures that his business remains a friendly, locally minded enterprise no matter how big his collection grows, with a VIP Facebook group that allows him to have a one-on-one relationship with his clients. He promises that this will remain true in the coming years of growth that the Ethan Thomas Collection is expecting, excited to see what products he can introduce to his clients next. Company: Ethan Thomas Collection Contact: Ethan Thomas Hinchcliffe Website: Best Luxury Haircare Brand 2022 Sep2 005