Australian Made Awards 2022

Jan22686 In a world that ‘needs a better deal’, Successful Endeavours is the Australian manufacturing companymaking this happen. Between its exemplary teamand its continued pedigree forworking, reliable, adaptable products, it hopes to continue fostering healthy localisation of manufacturing, bolstering Australia’s voice in the international product development market and share of global manufacturing opportunities. Critically, it prides itself on being able to make a difference; it also wishes to embody the new idea that businesses are not just for moneymaking, but for improving the world in the macro scale. Best Complex Electronic Product Business 2022 Successful Endeavours exists to change the Australian economy one complex design electronic product at a time. Creating all its productswithin the continent proper, it supports theAustralianmanufacturing sector byway of creating fundamental value, alongside a multitude of different specialised jobs that many other industries do not, both direct and indirect. Nominally, manufacturing is good at spreadingwealth and spreading success. As a result, Successful Endeavours is proud to be a part of the industry it represents, bucking the notion that theAustralian manufacturing industry is dead by championing the strength of its continued growth thanks to the contributions of the people within it. For the past 7 years, it and its staff have numbered among these contributors. Indeed, at present it starts a new product development every 2 days, and most of these are custom IoT and ICT appliances that push the envelope when it comes to what’s possible for the field to achieve. This innovation covers everything from electronics design to printed circuit board layout, physical arrangement, embedded software development, technical web services, prototyping, and niche electronic manufacture including small volume industry 4.0 advanced manufacture. Allowing the design of custom electronic products that can be made in Victoria, it enables the generating of profit and innovation both, able to either fill untapped markets or create a whole new niche by taking an existing product and creating a vastly more competitive one. Thus, its adaptation of existing technology has brought it renown, as well as its augmentation of existing teams for clients. Being based in Melbourne, it boasts that pedigree, keeping the prestige of the ‘Australia Made’ label by way of reliability, long-lasting warranty, and timely support. Therefore, its staunch principles create a rising tide that lifts all ships, dedicating itself to the development of a healthy internal culture that makes for capable and competent staff who know exactly what they’re doing and all work well together. This is also helping it to drive the forward momentum of manufacture towards a better future; setting an example for peers and stakeholders alike, it wishes to push Australia towards better B2B, academia, and public commercial research. Indeed, it will push for this by continuing to create working products with a ‘hot team’ internal organisational structure, moving into a larger premises and focusing on clean energy as well as Industry 4.0, resulting in more years of ongoing opportunity and prosperity. Company: Successful Endeavours Contact: Ray Keefe Website: ul 28