Australian Made Awards 2022

May22239 From humble beginnings as a family company, The Fawcett Group has grown into one of Australia’s brightest lights. Renowned for their plumbing services, as well as their electrical and maintenance capabilities, the team have grown immeasurably over the last three decades. In the Australian Made Awards 2022 from APAC Insider, the team were rewarded for their sterling work. We took a closer look to see how they’ve grown into one of Australia’s foremost success stories. When you have a plumbing crisis, you don’t want to waste time searching for a plumber who can get the job done. You want someone who is always on hand, able to tackle that mystery leak or that burst pipe with equal aplomb. By specialising in all aspects of plumbing maintenance, they have been able to achieve truly astonishing levels of success. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it’s little surprise that so many people turn to this intrepid crew for support. Company founder and Director, Mark Fawcett started the Fawcett Plumbing business over thirty years ago, and its evolution over the years has reflected the need to serve customers to ever higher standards. Despite the team’s current size, the aim to offer fast and friendly service has never changed. The importance that the team place on the happiness of their customers is reflected in the satisfaction that customers find in their incredible work. The Fawcett Group specialise in residential, commercial and property management, offering solutions to leaking taps, blocked drains, faulty hot water heaters as well as specialised gas repairs and bathroom renovations. As the business has grown, the team have been proud to offer increasingly comprehensive services to their customers. It’s little wonder that they are so highly respected in the industry, and able to offer truly bespoke ways forward. The amazing work culture at the Fawcett Group has been a key reason behind the team’s continued success. Respect in all directions has proven to be an invaluable trait, with leadership actively encouraging high ethical and moral standards in the workplace. Employee achievements are celebrated as part of personal and professional success within the organisation. In this way, the Fawcett Group has been proud to create an environment in which people live to work as opposed to working to live. This commitment to balancing work and life has resulted in a flexible working environment which is constantly moving forward. Giving people the option to work where they are most effective has been a boon to the success of the business. As a family-run organisation, blending family and work life is understood at the highest level, and resources are in place to make this as easy as possible for the work force. The continuing growth of the Fawcett Group has prompted the team to dig a little deeper into what makes the company tick. Small businesses can struggle to scale because they were not designed to expand. By reviewing the various systems and processes that drive the Fawcett Group forward the team have been able to streamline many parts of the organisation. These newways of working will empower staff to go even further than they have been able to before. When the Fawcett Group deal with a problem pipe or fix a faulty heater, they actually change the lives of the people who they are working for. They can increase their quality of life. Often tradespeople are forgotten in the pantheon of industry, but the Fawcett Group stands able to remind us of the power they hold. We celebrate their success and look forward to the future. When looking for plumbing services, there is none finer. Company: The Fawcett Group Name: Mark Fawcett Email: [email protected] Web Address: Plumbing Contractor of the Year 2022 - Adelaide Oct 004