Australian Enterprise Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 70 Most Innovative Folding & Sliding Door Hardware 2024 - Australia Tomma, otherwise known as Mammoth Industries Pty Ltd, is a company famed for its designing and manufacturing of a series of world-class rolling, folding, and sliding door hardware, as well as its similarly exceptional window hardware, the combination of which stands as one of the finest product catalogues that the national market has to offer. Leveraging its advanced roller technology across the board, the team combine this with their smooth, silent operation guarantee to create products that appease their dedicated and loyal customer base, all of whom are entirely satisfied with the calibre of the products that they receive. Company Owner Craig Lang is on hand to tell us more. From the innate quality and robust nature of its Tommafold 60 and 120 folding door systems that deliver a smooth experience regardless of weather conditions, through to its door, wardrobe, and window rollers, new façade systems, and everything in between, Tomma prides itself on providing customers with a convenient, quality, and hassle-free approach to all of their door and window hardware needs. Saving them time and money on installation through its patented adjustment system, the pioneering solutions afforded by the company open up a world of new and exciting possibilities that all embody this unwavering commitment to excellence. “It is what you can’t see, that makes Tomma stand out.” Bolstered by this motto and sitting atop of more than a century of combined experience in the field, it is hard to argue that any other company is better suited to the task. Aside from just experience, Tomma expertly customises its systems specifically to customer requirements, underpinning the client-centric approach that has brought so much success since operations began in September 2001. Thus, the business does more than just manufacture door and window hardware, and its world-class designers spend their time listening to customer requests so as to develop excellent products to suit what they actually need, not what others simply tell them they need. Such an approach has resulted in the Tomma Innovation and Design Process, a seven-stage plan that focuses on customer needs, in turn, allowing them to craft spaces that are brimming with inspiration and represent them turning their ultimate vision into a reality defined by an easy-to-use nature and superior quality. Beginning, of course, with the listening, the team then ask lots of questions, all in an attempt to reach a common understanding of exactly what this vision is, working out the elements and specifics that a customer has probably not even thought about yet. Once both parties are satisfied with the outcome, the company’s team of talented artisans set about bringing everything that was discussed to life. Whether a client is a builder, an architect, a manufacturer of doors/windows, or even a developer, this custom design process is sure to benefit one’s trade immeasurably, the end result being a wholly unique and pioneering product that solves the problems that may not yet exist. Third is the development stage, which sees these unique concepts being developed even further, exposed to a rigorous process of developing, challenging, and testing, done to ensure a premium finish and the aforementioned desired total customer satisfaction. Then, using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, an immensely detailed prototype is drawn up in stage four, combined with framing and simulations to form the basis of the tooling process. Step five thus serves as the quality and testing stage, with all of these pre-production samples undergoing a thorough inspection to ensure that they are as high calibre as can be and fulfil all the requirements set out earlier in the process. Covering everything from performance testing to operation force testing, a customer can be certain that the Feb24216 final product they receive will do everything that they expect it to and more. Continuous inspection is too present in the sixth stage, supply, with both inward and outward goods being subjected to a strict quality control system. With all of this complete, the only thing left is the satisfaction guarantee, something that is certain to be garnered after such a meticulous undertaking. As an example of this innovation in process, Craig tells us about a recent trend that is increasingly being seen in this space, before explaining how Tomma has created a solution to appease demand. “Soft closing internal doors, especially cavity doors that go all the way to the ceiling. We have the largest range of soft closing hardware systems in Australia, with the highest quality European dampeners and adjustment systems that make installation on-site easier.” Expanding further on developments in this area, Craig explains, “Tomma [has] developed a world first, soft open and close systems that allow for the replacement of all components without the removal of the top track or cutting any of the wall claddings.” This soft close sliding door system truly is a fantastic product, possessing all of the quality and unfaltering performance that one would expect from a company of this stature. Thanks to the uniquity of this design, it is childfriendly and will not slam, with the European dampener that Craig mentioned absorbing all of the force to prevent damage or injury. The best thing? It is incredibly easy to install, and just like all of the products offered by Tomma, it has been tested in excess of 100,000 cycles and boasts a 10year warranty as standard. Since it is added in after installation, there is no need to start tearing apart a home for a solution, and because it suits doors ranging from 20kg through to 160kg, it is almost a universal resolve. Beyond just its products, Tomma is incredibly proud of the internal culture that it possesses, something that Craig describes as, “very flat”, and comprised of an “inclusive team.” Moreover, staff hold weekly “workbench” meetings every Friday afternoon, the topics of which are broad and variable, but include the likes of any highs or lows that have been experienced in the time since the last meeting. Commenting on this, Craig tells us, “being part of a team and [having] the ability to all pitch in to gain a positive result is paramount [to our success].” Similarly, when it comes to hiring, the trifecta of fundamental skills, character, and personality are sought out, ensuring harmony is achieved with the rest of this workforce. Summing up what truly separates Tomma from the competition and solidifies it as a worthy recipient of this award, Craig captures the essence of his business through the following, “we are a very focused and extremely flexible team who, for 22 years, have focused on offering the very best solution for our client’s needs. Our aim is to partner with companies who value quality service support and products that will help them stand out in their market and grow their business.” As the company looks towards the future, it is steadily increasing its export market, something being undertaken as a way of fortifying prosperity in both the immediate and mid-term future.