Australian Enterprise Awards 2024

69 been highly successful in this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards. For the year of 2024, the company has received two titles: Property Investment Company of the Year and High Cashflow Property Builder of the Year. Looking towards the future, Stone Horizon plans to continue to innovate in the real estate sector, expanding its successful multi-tenant housing model and improving its designs and services to ensure that they meet the ever-evolving needs of the market. In the years ahead, the company is excited to contribute further affordable housing and sustainable living solutions to the industry. Moreover, Stone Horizon regularly hosts events to foster engagement with clients and potential future investors, the most recent of which involved the exhibition of three fully finished properties. Soon, the company will be organising a free online event involving the presentation of a roadmap for high cashflow properties. With boundless ambitious ideas, there is no doubt that Stone Horizon looks towards a bright future. By remaining innovative, it will continue to grow, keeping clients’ interests at the forefront of everything it does. We look forward to seeing how the company’s exciting plans will unfold. Contact: Henry Vila Company: Stone Horizon Web Address: www.