Australian Enterprise Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 66 Specialising in high end custom renovations, extensions, and builds, AFT Building Solutions is the award-winning culmination of dreams made reality. Looking to bring value to each property it has the pleasure of working on, the company has come leaps and bounds in only five short years, and now holds a position as one of the most reputable construction businesses within Canberra. Below, we explore how AFT Building Solutions came to be, and how its detailed processes ensure that clients are left with a build that transcends all of their expectations. Proud to offer design, construction, and interior design services to those who are hoping to either elevate the value of their already-existing property or create a brand new home that perfectly captures their essence, AFT Building Solutions has quickly become a building partner upon which clients can wholeheartedly rely. Having structured its services around introducing maintenance free builds to the wider market, the company focuses on delivering exceptional levels of quality to its customers. Be they discerning and high-end investors, or families hoping to expand on their already wonderful homes, AFT Building Solutions applies equal levels of expertise to reach the ideal outcome each and every time. However, it wasn’t always this way. In the beginning, AFT Building Solutions was established as a means for its founder – Andrew Trevenar – to further develop his building skills. In essence, it was something of a ‘side hustle’ – a way for Andrew to make use of his weekends and spare time while simultaneously building upon his pre-existing skillsets. In fact, the company’s initial business model began as a framework that existed purely for the sake of furthering what Andrew already knew about his craft, without receiving any additional pressure from external sources. Between 2018 and 2021, this was the sole purpose of AFT Building Solutions, but it quickly became clear that Andrew had a chance that simply couldn’t be squandered. It was at this point that Andrew went full time for AFT Building Solutions – giving up his lucrative full time job to pursue a dream that, at a time, had seemed only possible in fantasy. And yet, within just two years, AFT Building Solutions has become a highly respected and sought after building company whose very existence proves that Andrew was right to give his all to his dream. As a result of doing so, he’s created a tangible expression of his talent that manifests through both the company’s own projects, and those it completes on behalf of its clients across and around Canberra. What truly sets AFT Building Solutions apart, however, is its deep understanding of how the build industry works, and how to apply its talents in all the right places. Having spent 17 years within the carpentry sphere, the company promises something that no other builder within the area can provide – high-end attention to detail. In recent years, it’s become increasingly common to see plenty of faults within new builds, be it due to inexperience or cost restraints. However, AFT Building Solutions is openly opposed to the notion of cutting corners, and truly goes the extra mile to ensure that every build under its watch benefits from its versatile, yet experienced, nature. In fact, it’s this experience, combined with a sheer amount of passion, that lends to the company’s award-winning status. From the beginning of AFT Building Solutions, Andrew has always claimed that, while he never wished to be the biggest builder on the market, he hoped to be the best. Leveraging his background as a third generation carpenter and builder to bolster his passion, he was able to chase this very dream until it came to fruition, resulting in a custom building company that has reignited the flame of quality within the sector. Bringing trust back into the build sphere, and being proud to express his lineage to the wider market, is what AFT Building Solutions means to Andrew, and it’s this abundance of love for the craft that has really elevated the company to all new heights. As such, AFT Building Solutions prides itself on its ability to bring smiles to its clients’ faces, and leave them with an experience that they’ll never forget. Positivity lies at the core of all the company does, ensuring that each project leads to the perfect outcome, no matter how ambitious it may be. Having made such an impact already, it’s no surprise that AFT Building Solutions finds its name being mentioned among the build community on a daily basis, with every glowing testimonial further highlighting the ample amount of dedication that’s invested into every build. Far too long has the construction market been dominated by a desire for profit over product, and AFT Building Solutions promises to spearhead Canberra’s resistance against this industry mindset. As an authentic carpenter and builder, AFT Building Solutions is able to stand out in a market that has become inundated with those who share only a fraction of the company’s knowhow and experience. Its wealth of knowledge, combined with the fact that Andrew himself takes to each project site to actually participate in the building process, really highlights the levels of commitment radiating from the business – a factor that ultimately sees it remaining on top of each and every project. No matter the client, AFT Building Solutions aims to deliver on a level of quality not often seen within the industry in recent years, making it a reliable companion in bringing any vision to life. Having recently completed its first multi residential project, with more exciting opportunities on the horizon, the future certainly looks bright for AFT Building Solutions. Through sheer passion, dedication, and a history rooted in the art of carpentry and building, the company guarantees a stellar outcome with every project. It’s for this reason that AFT Building Solutions has been recognised time and time again by clients and fellow builders alike, and its work is sure to set an example for those looking to follow in its footsteps. We’re exceptionally proud to feature such a committed company in this awards programme, and we can’t wait to see where its brilliance takes it next. 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