Australian Enterprise Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 56 Jan24227 Located in Keysborough, Melbourne, Keys Medical Centre is a family-owned healthcare provider, founded by Dr Hamid Fairoos and Nuzly Sikkander Fairoos, that serves its growing community with the highest quality of healthcare. The pioneering practice is passionate about providing holistic care at an affordable price to the population of Keysborough and the surrounding areas. Keys Medical Centre offers a comprehensive range of services, designed to improve patients’ overall health and wellbeing with a compassionate and professional approach. Recognised in this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards, Keys Medical Centre is committed to delivering good health and happiness through its caring services. Based in the heart of Keysborough’s business area, Keys Medical Centre is dedicated to empowering its patients and helping them unlock their health potential. The centre prides itself on being a one-stop practice with additional services including General Practice, Allied Health, Urgent Care, Radiology, Pathology, Skin and Aesthetics, Dentist, and Pharmacy. All services are designed in accordance with the RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) standards and guidelines. Keys Medical Centre is unique in its delivery of cost-effective General Practice services with a bulk billing option. Riekie Jooste, Business Manager at Keys Medical Centre, says, “The current primary care landscape is trending towards private and mixed billing clinics, which comes at a cost to patients who cannot afford to access these services with out-of-pocket costs. Though it is challenging to maintain our services at a high quality, we are determined to continue to provide bulk-billed services to our patients and the community.” Through bulk billing, Keys Medical Centre can ensure that its services are affordable, helping to improve the health and wellbeing of its community. With an experienced team of healthcare professionals, the practice can produce meaningful outcomes for patients, ensuring that everyone is treated with the care and respect they deserve. For seven years, the Keys Medical Centre team has been passionate about chronic disease management and delivering exceptional patient care. By managing the practice with an inclusive and thoughtful approach, the team strives to deliver the unbeatable patient experiences. Nawaz Ibrahim, one valued patient, says, “A fantastic bulk billing medical centre! I have visited several times and found it to be a clean and childfriendly atmosphere. Great services including Pathology, Radiology, Allied Health, and Mental Health. Even some Specialist services are bulk billed. The next-door pharmacy is very convenient. Doctors are very thorough and caring. I would recommend this one stop medical centre to my family and friends!” Keys Medical Centre has a host of experienced General Practitioners who strive to deliver safe and positive patient experiences. With varying countries of origin, backgrounds, experiences, and specialities, Keys Medical Centre’s General Practitioners have become renowned for their excellent bedside manner and personalised care. They are passionate about putting patients at the centre of their own care and ensuring their preferences and needs guide medical decisions. Kayla De Silva, a recent patient, who was seen by one of Keys Medical Centre’s exceptional General Practitioners, shares, “Dr Fernando is welcoming and friendly, and was not only highly knowledgeable but genuinely caring when it came to discussing my health and mental health concerns. She took the time to listen to my concerns, explain everything thoroughly and provided me with the best possible care. I highly recommend Dr Sajee Fernando for her empathy and care.” In addition to its General Practice services, the centre also offers several programs in chronic disease management and vaccination outreach. After patients complete a comprehensive health assessment, the medical team can design personalised healthcare plans to suit their individual needs and objectives. Through its patient-centred care, the practice can consistently deliver outstanding services and highquality treatments. Healthcare plans can involve chronic disease management, mental health management, diabetic cyclic care, and much more. Keys Medical Centre also specialises in the teaching and training of medical students, nurses, paramedics, overseas medical student electives, and clinical observers, to support the wider community. Keys Medical Centre is fully equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and state-of-the-art technologies to meet its patients’ unique healthcare needs. The practice has a comprehensive in-house radiology service. Specialised Best Health Services Provider 2024 - Melbourne