Australian Enterprise Awards 2024

43 out pioneering responses to their unique needs and changing situations. Thus, as Prince tells us, “developing innovative solutions, such as shared living spaces for young professionals or co-living setups, can also provide opportunities for growth in emerging market segments.” NDL REALTY is equally big on this sense of personalisation, and this is reflected well in its team of dedicated and passionate experts. Regarding this team, Prince & Dih explains, “our extensive experience in the field has afforded us [the necessary] skillset to build long-term trust and relationships with all our clients.” Possessing this required experience, as well as a drive to get things done correctly the first time, comprise two of the most important qualities sought out from team members, as only through this unique combination can the high-quality, personalised services NDL REALTY is famed for continue to be upheld as it expands its offerings and areas of specialty. In a similar vein, when it comes time to expand its workforce and hire new staff, the company employs a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that candidates are up to the task. Such a model staffing team goes hand in hand with the textbook internal culture that has been fostered at the business, where elements such as effective communication, respect and inclusion, growth and development, a good work-life balance, and recognition/appreciation are all strived for on a daily basis. As we are told, such an atmosphere helps employees to feel, “valued, supported, and motivated to perform their best work.” Employees doing their best work is certainly the case, with an array of positive testimonials corroborating the company’s claims of being a boutique and bespoke property services provider, such as this one from client Stanely Chu. “The management team here is top-notch. Always friendly and eager to help. Thank you very much for the swift response to my queries and maintenance issues!” David Lee also said, “great work by NDL REALTY... leased our property in one week. Great follow up. Keep up the great work team. Recommend them for city apartment leasing.” As for what is next for this exceptional company, NDL REALTY is currently in the process of growing its property management sector, while simultaneously undertaking a land subdivision project in Fiji, this on the back of the company’s attempts to extend a hand to this nation as well as Malaysia, bridging the gap between these countries and offering up some of Australia’s renowned property and development expertise. A bit closer to home, Prince and the team are also continuing to work closely with Australia’s NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), carrying out a series of projects throughout the rest of 2024 that benefit this cause and those related to it. In closing, those seeking a hasslefree experience, a personalised approach, and tailored service for all of their real estate and property needs should look no further than NDL REALTY, one of Melbourne’s premier real estate agents and a truly special company that always puts its clients first. Contact: Prince Lakshman Company: NDL REALTY Web Address: