Australian Enterprise Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 42 Located in the Docklands area of Melbourne, NDL REALTY is the first real estate agency of its kind in the region, focusing primarily on catering to the diverse needs of those foreign investors seeking to purchase a property asset in the area. On the back of such a pioneering approach, the company has solidified its status as one of the city’s fastest-growing independent and boutique real estate agencies, and today operates across all of Melbourne’s suburbs. Leaning heavily into the boutique side of business, the company prides itself on its exemplary tailored service, personal and caring approach to property management, and finally, transparent tactics across all elements of its operation. Company Director Prince Lakshman and Dih Luh Ng tells us more. From leasing and property management to specific off-the-plan sales, pre-settlement inspections, tenant attraction, expert appraisal, and even assistance with marketing, NDL REALTY’s comprehensive suite of services makes it the real estate agent of choice in the area, particularly for foreign investors, many of whom may feel the pressure of the challenge of investing in a property that is outside of their home country. Thus, this boutique agency strives to provide a wholly tailored solution through a personable and friendly team that can speak many different languages, empowering a client to make an investment that is worth their while. With NDL REALTY, a client can remain rest assured that they are partnering with a world-class, premier estate agent that is wholeheartedly committed to working both for and with them every step of the way, from the beginning of a search right up until the day that the keys are collected. In order to achieve this, the team have made it their personal assignment to understand every client’s unique needs and give them the personal attention that they deserve as they navigate their way through a complicated and ever-changing property market, most apparent in the three-fold approach that distinguishes the firm from the competition. First and foremost, there is the company’s robust online platform, with this software having been specifically designed and implemented for the purposes of catering towards the most frequent requests that foreign investors have when it comes to sourcing a real estate agency. Then comes its famed personal approach, whereby its team will manage the properties of clients like they are their own, evidenced by a single person being assigned to the management of it, ensuring that they know it inside out and can handle anything that may arise. Finally, a 24/7 customer service line ran by a multilingual team solidifies a commitment to clients that can only be described as unwavering. Leveraging this trifecta of distinction, as well as many years of direct industry experience, it is the ongoing mission of NDL REALTY to, “go above and beyond the industry norm to provide [clients] with value-laden service. With our 100% principal and director involvement in all properties, we provide our clients with the attention and detail that franchise agencies or larger networks simply cannot offer.” Moreover, “we pride ourselves on our service dedication and continuously offering the best service to all our clients. With this, we are able to strongly build our reputation and business on referrals.” Well-versed in all areas of property, Both Directors Prince Lakshman and Dih Luh Ng tells us about many of the most notable trends that are currently being experienced across the Australian property sector, outlining how many of the property developers that the company has ties with have adapted to these trends so as to remain ahead of the curve. The first area of note regards sustainability and green building, with developers favouring such practices and materials in order to appease the growing demand for properties that are built in an environmentally conscious manner. This includes the utilising of renewable energy sources and eco-friendly materials, as well as energy-efficient applications, to name a few. Just as integral as sustainable practice to the future of the industry is integrating the latest and greatest in technological developments, with these becomingly increasingly common in the field to aid with the likes of design, construction, and even property marketing. From virtual reality to 3D modelling and drones, such technology can enhance the customer experience and is being used to give those who choose to utilise it a competitive edge. Similarly, technology in the broader sense of the word, exacerbated by the pandemic, has resulted in a steep rise in remote working, with the necessary spaces being added to properties so that businesses and professionals alike can continue with their flexible working arrangements. Something else that Prince and the team are seeing more of across the property landscape is the desire for a more personalised approach to service, with those looking to buy property seeking Best Boutique Real Estate Agency 2024 - Melbourne Jan24578