Australian Enterprise Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 40 Most Empowering Women’s Fitness Class 2024 - North East Melbourne As many know, pole dancing is not as easy as some make it look. It’s extremely challenging yet entirely rewarding. Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned expert, the Soul In Dance studio provides the perfect space to practice pole dancing. Here we shine a light upon Soul In Dance as the dance and flexibility training studio continues to empower women from Melbourne, and its visitors. “Pole dancing is a fun, challenging, and empowering way to get fit.” This incredible pole dancing studio, Soul In Dance (Soul), is located in Greensborough. It was initially set up by Ann Tan and Rebecca Perry, who decided to pour their heart and soul into creating a space where women can feel powerful, magnificent, and safe to express themselves. Passionate about pole dancing, the pair created Soul to reflect their desire to support other women in their journeys to a deeper level of self-love and confidence, and we’re here to explore why the company stands head and shoulders above its competitors when it comes to empowering women through its fitness and flexibility classes. Offering all kinds of fitness support, Soul provides pole dancing classes, full courses, casual pole dancing classes, and flexibility classes. Its experienced approach ensures that women of all ages and skill sets can participate and feel good while exploring their new found love for pole fitness. Teaching individuals how to pole dance takes time, energy, and patience, all qualities which are prominent at Soul. The studio’s team is small and close-knit – further emphasising the family values of the business. Everyone knows each other by first name across staff members and students, and everyone is equally important. Some of the team members have been with Soul In Dance for more than nine years and some are new hires who fully support Soul in its mission. The six instructors of Soul each bring something unique to the table. With their own independent dance journeys, some have been dancing since they were extremely young, and some have flourished in dance in a short period of time. However, all of them are deeply passionate about pole dancing, fitness, and building up other women’s self-confidence. Jan24316 Bec says, “We have a strong focus on community in our studio we treat our students like family.” Creating an unwavering feeling of community is no small feat, but Soul In Dance lives and breathes family values. Ann and Bec treat their students with utmost respect and ensure their needs are being met – before anything else. The community spirit at Soul In Dance is truly commendable. By joining a group of likeminded people you can achieve your pole dancing dreams, tone up, and feel safe in the knowledge that you are supported. If you’re looking to lose weight and you’re bored of the gym with its machines, reps, and no feeling of togetherness, Soul is the place for you. Putting an end to calorie counting and swapping this for a fun, confidence-building activity, you’ll find yourself dropping weight or toning up in no time at all. “Ditch the boring workouts and come join our Soul Family.” Of course, not everything is about losing weight or toning up – Soul In Dance is there to cheer us on, teach us new skills to improve coordination and muscle memory, and show us how fun pole dancing can be. Soul’s studio is the perfect environment to learn new skills, or flex those skills we’ve already mastered, so that we can feel sassy, empowered, and spectacular from the inside out! With the unrealistic beauty standards, gender stereotypes, and demands of our modern society, Soul is a space where women can feel free to be their true selves. They can explore their own styles, dance desires, and find a home with Soul In Dance. Bec tells us, “Soul Greensborough is where our students feel at home, have great fun, get fit and feel sexy in. Soul is a second home to us and so many others, so don’t let your fears or hesitations stop you from giving it a go! So many friendships have been made through our doors and we love meeting new people all the time.” A happy student called Jasmine said, “Starting pole in 2017 at Soul Greensborough was the best decision I have ever made! Everyone is super friendly, supportive and encouraging and it honestly feels like a family. I started pole with absolutely no strength or dance experience but now I feel stronger than ever. The instructors are amazing and I can’t thank them enough for supporting me on my pole journey!” As Soul In Dance’s 10th birthday approaches – on the 2nd of August 2024 – we’d like to further congratulate the team for their achievements and dedication. Soul In Dance has now won a glowing title in our Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 for the brilliance it brings to its students’ lives. We’re sure to see many more women take the plunge into an activity they’ve always wanted to try – in an environment where they can truly flourish – and feel beautiful and sexy while doing so! If you’d like to taste true empowerment – visit Soul as soon as possible. You can even take advantage of its tiered packages and membership prices, and hire out the stunning studio for your own private sessions. “We invite you to be part of our community of like-minded individuals who are empowered through pole, fitness and find their soul through dance.” Contact: Rebecca Perry Company: Soul In Dance Web Address: