Australian Enterprise Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 20 Jan24156 Based in South East Queensland, E-Fishient Property Solutions is a family-run Property Management and Sales business dedicated to delivering a personalised and professional experience. E-Fishient strives to provide clients with a profitable return on their investment, building trust through transparency, efficient communication, and unparalleled solutions. Whether selling or leasing, the company offers a variety of bespoke services to deliver superior outcomes to clients. Recognised in this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards, E-Fishient Property Solutions is a dual award winner for its client-centric approach and steadfast commitment to excellence. At E-Fishient, the team provides comprehensive property management and sales services with a focus on clarity, communication, and exceptional results. By fostering a culture of trust and respect, the family business has created an environment where clients feel empowered and valued as individuals. E-Fishient strives to cultivate meaningful relationships and achieve sustainable success for the clients and communities it serves. Through its personalised services, the E-Fishient team elevates the customer experience ensuring that clients’ needs are understood and addressed on an individual level. At E-Fishient, clients, employees, and partners are treated with the utmost respect. These values create a collaborative atmosphere where clients feel appreciated and well supported on their real estate journey. Jarryd and Ryan Fisher, Most Client-Focused Residential Property Agency 2024 – Queensland & Excellence Award in Property Management 2024 - QLD E-Fishient Property Solutions brothers and co-owners, share strong core values that shape the company’s culture and guide its decision-making processes. Their principles of integrity, reliability, and transparency have created a trustworthy environment for real estate transactions. Clients can feel assured that they are working with a team that truly understands their needs and is passionate about achieving customer satisfaction. E-Fishient understands the financial challenges that come with purchasing and managing an investment property. Management requires strong communication skills and an extensive knowledge of the property market. E-Fishient’s outstanding property management solutions offer prompt communication, highquality tenants, and a 90 Day Service Satisfaction Guarantee. Its Property Management team carefully monitors the local rental market to reduce vacancy rates and ensure clients maximise their rental income. E-Fishient selects only the highest quality tenants by checking every application against the National Tenancy Database. The experienced team is dedicated to maintaining a clean and comfortable environment to keep tenants happy and preserve the property’s value for years to come. Carol Chen, a valued client, says, “I am incredibly impressed with E-Fishient’s services. I had an outstanding purchasing and rental management experience with Jarryd. He is a great communicator and very professional. He always goes the extra mile to deliver the best possible outcomes. I greatly appreciate the exceptional service that Jarryd has delivered. I would highly recommend his services for buying, selling and rental management.” With E-Fishient, homeowners can navigate the complex world of real estate to effortlessly purchase or sell property. With over 43 years of combined experience in the industry, E-Fishient leverages its expertise to offer an unrivalled service. With the support of a proficient team of agents, clients can seamlessly buy or sell property and achieve the best possible price. As a family run business, E-Fishient can be flexible to meet clients’ individual needs and customise solutions to every seller or buyer. With its personalised service, the business strives to exceed expectations and achieve complete customer satisfaction. The sales team operates across a wide area from South Brisbane