Australian Enterprise Awards 2024

APAC Insider- Australian Enterprise Awards 2024 | 120 Established in 2004, World Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd is an innovative technology company that successfully developed the world’s first patented air-to-water technology utilizing exhaust gas heat for power. Since then, the business has been making a difference in areas across the world that are in need of clean drinking water, continually innovating to improve its groundbreaking solutions. Here, we dive deeper into the fascinating work of World Environmental Solutions. Best Solar Air Water Generators Provider 2024 Between 1997 and 2009, Australia was affected by a severe and persistent drought known as the millennium drought, which began with low rainfall conditions in 1997 and worsened through the particularly dry years of 2001 and 2002. By 2003, it was considered the worst drought on record, having devastated communities, industries, and the environment alike. During this time, World Environmental Solutions emerged as a pioneer in air-towater technology, developing a water harvesting system capable of extracting moisture from the atmosphere then filtering it to produce drinking water in a variety of atmospheric conditions. The company offers a range of Air from Water Machines, including four off-theshelf models as well as larger custom specification machines. They can be used in many applications, from homes and small residences to commercial offices, remote communities, and eco-friendly resorts. In commercial settings, the Water from Air Machines are integrated with diesel generators, microturbines, or simple electric models to form the MultiGen System. This is a superior energy efficient system that generates water on-site using unique aircooled absorption or electric chillers in combination with the proprietary air-to-water technology. The machines are operated from the waste energy of an existing generator, which activates the process they use for the condensing cycle. With the energy source being the heat captured, the use of electricity is dramatically decreased by approximately 95%. Throughout its 18 years in the industry, World Environmental Solutions has engaged in significant innovation. For example, it has created a water booster that is capable of doubling the relative humidity at sites where the operation of a Water from Air Machine is inefficient and usually not advised. This makes them suitable for use in areas like the Sub-Sahara, outback Australia, and other arid locations, enabling the company to contribute towards the provision of water to water-starved locations. Furthermore, World Environmental Solutions has developed solar options for its Water from Air Machines. This includes the Golf Course SolaWater Wedge Stations, which are stand-alone water stations with unique insulation and solar capabilities. They provide fresh water continually, even in remote locations without connection to the grid for power or water. Alongside this, the company offers off-grid solar packs that can be used to operate the domestic models of the Water from Air Machines on solar power 24/7. As a back-up, it can also be connected to the power grid, enabling it to switch to grid power when solar retention is poor. The roots of World Environmental Solutions go back two decades to 2005, when the company was established by Founder and CEO Walter Ivison, who passionately dedicated his time and money to creating the Water from Air Machines. Since then, he has worked to drive the wider acceptance of air-to-water technologies as a valid solution to the increasing lack of water across the world. Walter believes that this issue, coupled with the plastic waste crisis and the resulting pollution, should be at the forefront of the world’s priorities. Over the years, countless startups have copied ideas from World Environmental Solutions and its technology. Even patents were not immune. Most of these businesses made outrageous claims and ultimately failed to deliver, causing them to leave a stain on the technology that Walter had worked so hard to bring into fruition. Despite this, World Environmental Solutions continues to stand out as a leader in the field of air-to-water technology due to its longterm commitment, extensive experience, reliability, customer service, and attention to detail. For its incredible work, World Environmental Solutions has been awarded the title of Best Solar Air Water Generators Provider in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2024. Considering its innovation thus far, there is no doubt that there are many more exciting developments on the horizon for the company. We congratulate Walter and his team on their success in this prestigious awards programme and wish them the best of luck in all their endeavours. Contact Details Contact: Walter Ivison Company: World Environmental Solutions parent Co of Water From Air Machine Pty Ltd Web Address: and www.multigensolutions. Feb24636