Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23458 Sutton Nationwide Realty Pty Ltd is a residential real estate agency that looks out for its clients and employees. The elevated level of care and compassion towards people breathes life into its surrounding areas and influences the team’s positive impact on the locals. Here we take a closer look at Sutton Nationwide Realty as it gains its award in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Real estate is an area of business that demands ever-evolving, transformational business principles. Due to the fact that we will always need real estate agents, it is important that we find the ones that truly care throughout everything that they do. Sutton Nationwide Realty Pty Ltd, has over half a century of combined experience within the real estate industry. Sutton Nationwide Realty – Gin Gin was established in 2007 by Julie and Ian Sutton. They were later joined by their daughter Jaymie who started as a Consulting Property Management Specialist. Sutton Nationwide Realty – Townsville was then set up in 2020, and the Bundaberg branch was recently established in 2022. With three locations, Sutton Nationwide Realty has spread its wings on a national scale, hence the name. Its USPs are its locally owned status and its fantastic adherence to company values which, inevitably, propel it forwards in the industry. With an increase in demand for affordable housing, higher cost of living, and increasing population – resulting in the need for more homes in general – Australia relies on real estate agencies to provide support that will combat these issues. Sutton Nationwide Realty takes every action to use technology to its advantage – keeping sustainability at the core of its beliefs. It does these things by offering properties that are energyefficient for a healthier planet, and it offers virtual tours, online property listings, and digital signature capabilities to reduce the use of paper. These factors go hand in hand, making processes easier for clients and saving waste. Sutton Nationwide Realty builds relationships with its clients by offering a plethora of services such as property management and rental services, on top of its complete collection of solutions for all real estate needs and requirements. Sutton Nationwide Realty specialises in residential sales, rural and commercial sales, and property management so that its clients can gain peace of mind like no other. Best Residential Real Estate Business 2023 – Bundaberg When it comes to residential transaction, Sutton Nationwide Realty understands that the process can seem daunting to people with little or no experience. In fact, even those who have experience with selling and buying houses can feel shrouded by information – making it difficult to make the choices that may be in their best interest. However, with Sutton Nationwide Realty, the cloud of confusion is lifted, information is communicated clearly, and the perfect level of support is offered at all times. For residential sales, Sutton Nationwide Realty offers a plethora of free services such as advertising and marketing, selling on the clients’ behalf, photos and drone shots, 30-day feature adds on, and so much more. It may seem that Sutton Nationwide Realty’s varied mix of USPs make it too good to be true however, its track record proves that it is an entirely successful, reliable, and trustworthy entity within the industry. Sutton Nationwide Realty also guarantees unparalleled education and resources for its clients. It provides educational resources such as workshops, seminars, and guides for clients – to help them navigate the buying and selling process. With such a range of services, Sutton Nationwide Realty is surpassing its competitors and continuing its reputation for greatness. It has built relationships with a mixture of industry professionals such as builders, architects, and home stagers, so that it may promise and deliver a wider range of services than other agents within the industry. However, Sutton Nationwide Realty doesn’t simply offer its services