Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

with Maz comparing them to trying to run Android software on an iPhone – It just doesn’t work. Women are complex, intricate beings, and often these traditional techniques don’t get to the root cause of their issues, because they are simply not designed for the way their minds work. That’s why Maz sought about creating her own programme in Creatrix®. Now with more than 15 years of incredible international success and ground-breaking research under her belt, Maz’s sciencebacked and proven Creatrix® process is a world-first that understands women from the inside out and enables them to heal from their past traumas. For her work and the extraordinary impact it continues to have, she has been recognised with multiple accolades including three International Stevie Awards in 2017 – Entrepreneur of the Year, Women Helping Women, and Most Innovative Company – and within the 2018 Women’s Economic Forum Awards for her impact on women. A huge part of the work Maz does is as founder and owner of Institute of Women International™ (which only this month has rebranded to UN-Institute of Women™), and she is joined by women who are equally as passionate about helping others to overcome their trauma and feel empowered. She currently has 220 Transformologist® coaches from around the world who are trained and supported to deliver the Creatrix® process. As a result of the earn-while-youlearn Creatrix® Transformology® study programme, UIW’s coaches can confidently take clients through the Creatrix® process and transform their lives, through offering the Creatrix® programme to women as a service. Maz is also the author of “The MAZ Factor”, in which she tells her “gutsy”, rags-to-riches, true story. This is in addition to having penned “Learn the Secret of Unblocking Women” which teaches readers how to boldly ‘out-do any counsellor, therapist, or coach and guarantee lasting results for female clients’. Other outstanding resources available from Maz are ‘The CREATRIX® method, 40 Women, 100 Issues, 1 Solution’ in which 40 women share how Creatrix ®️ transformed their lives through Maz’s Creatrix® programme, the modality checklist all coaches should read before studying any programmes to empower women; and the step-by-step guide, “20 Creative Ways to Get Coaching Clients”. All of these, and more, are available online and give a thorough insight into empowering women with impact. One Creatrix® Transformologist®, Lisa Carruthers shares her experience: “Since starting at the Institute Of Women International™ in August, I have found a group of powerhouse women, and an amazing place that totally supports me in every part of how I feel, to how I learn, and to how I can grow. “The Creatrix® Transformology® training course provided here is extremely professional and real, well planned, and has an outstanding amount “It’s time we had something that wasn’t mostly left-brained and formatted logically, spatially, and sequentially to solve the creative and emotionally charged problems that are common in females,” says Maz.