Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

Jan23347 Misio utilises AI technology to ensure sustainability for the future of business, and these solutions can be accessed in under 60 seconds – making Misio the place to visit for quick, easy results. It leads the way to achieve sustainability and ESG global standards, using its technology’s innovative patterns. Let’s explore Misio’s services and purpose with its CEO, Jeremy Biggs, as it wins its title in this year’s Australian Enterprise Awards. “Secure your company’s future success while making a positive impact on the world.” Australia is a driving force behind the global sustainability movement as it continues to produce businesses that increase sustainability for the country – and beyond. Over the last four years, Misio has deciphered the complexities of sustainability to form solutions that truly work. This has allowed it to impact the corporate landscape around the world, for a better, brighter, and more successful future whilst being eco-friendly and entirely conscious. Misio’s CEO, Jeremy Biggs, informs us, “Our eco-system includes a dynamic marketplace which matches Companies with Solution Providers that have specialised expertise in any of eight impact categories including Energy and emissions, Waste, Water, Oceans, Biodiversity, Inclusivity, Human Rights and Ethics.” “Misio aggregates information from over 400+ industry and regulatory frameworks, including the Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Taskforce for Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), GRI, United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).” Sustainability is a hot topic, and it requires pioneering solutions from us as humankind. That’s exactly why businesses such as Misio exist – to solve the tough problems that hold us back from being a greener and more ethical collective throughout society. Jeremy tells us about the company’s mission. He says, “Misio’s mission is to empower 10 million companies with growth opportunities unlocked by sustainable operation and flourish in the new global sustainability economy.” It is Misio’s dedication to sustainability that propels it forward in its industry. Acting as a buttress for other companies, Misio supports a plethora of industries to become better. As sustainability impacts business growth, Misio’s work is invaluable as it “equips teams of all sizes with the tools they need to positively impact the world.” Offering its service to any and all businesses, Misio helps them to expand at a rapid rate – while defending the planet. Misio remains unique with its diverse, transparent, traceable, and reliable attitude towards business growth. It never promises anything it can’t deliver, giving it an edge on its competition. Keeping its fingers on the pulse, Misio, in Jeremy’s words, “creates a simple, traceable picture of incremental progress that can be shared with stakeholders including customers, talent and investors to provide verified reporting in operating sustainably.” When it comes to sustainability, business owners and founders are consistently trying to innovate and abide by standards. Jeremy comments, “Companies that use Misio spend less time and money to aggregate all sustainability data into a single place, and then through our marketplace connect and collaborate with aligned technology and advisory providers that understand their unique industry, the standards required and how to implement.” The team at Misio has one common goal: “to be the catalyst for positive change and as a global first organisation we love to see people enjoy what they do every day,” Jeremy enthuses. By hiring team members with the passion for a sustainable future, and the development of new ideas, Misio is able to flourish Best Sustainable Business Marketplace 2023 – APAC and demonstrate reliability in such a prevalent age. “Anyone is capable of amazing things and when you assemble an aligned group of passionate, talented individuals a great deal becomes possible. Misio believes in enabling each person with the best tools, a sense of purpose, autonomy for their genius to shine and a pathway to become leaders in the organisation.” The psychological wellbeing of the team takes priority however, this actually has an impact on the output of the company’s software. By attending to the team’s needs, Misio creates a supportive network that allows room for personal and professional development that leads the team to a solid stance, further learning, accountability, and accomplishment. Jeremy shares, “Aside from qualifications and experience, when we hire a new team member, we’re looking for someone who is energised by our vision to collectively make a change in the world.” The company’s focus on the journey and the outcome has pushed it to the forefront of the industry, influencing the rest of the world. “By partnering with Misio, you can shift the sustainability narrative from financial reports and the boardroom into a powerful commercial driver.”