Australian Enterprise Awards 2023

sustainable materials and products have seen a huge rise in demand in the country – and Allthread is there to provide the solutions needed for the shift to a green future. Much like Sell and Parker, Allthread is also a proudly Australian company. It has become a dominant supplier of complete solutions for plates and bolts, created in house in Australia. “Allthread continues to plan for future growth, we continually invest in the latest machinery and partner with suppliers that can offer the latest technology in thread forming and coatings. We consistently look at how we can have sustained growth in our markets and how we best add value to the customer.” He continues, “Over the last 12 months Allthread have invested in new thread forming machines to help open up new markets within the mining and tunnelling segments, bending machines to further reduce lead times to our OEM market and have an Australian first Thermal Arc coating line being developed in its Regents Park facility.” As Allthread works with its customers for their development in different industries, it is always enhancing and adapting its products to fit their new processes and technologies – resulting in further development for the future of Australia. Finally, Kent tells us, “Collectively, with our sister companies Precision Oxycut, Plate & Steel and First Forge, we will offer our customers a value proposition that meets and exceeds their expectations.” Winning Leading Bolt Solution Manufacturers 2023, Allthread Industries Pty Ltd has gained even more recognition for its work in the crucial industry. We are sure to see it flourish as it connects with more customers in Australia. Contact: Kent Humphrey Company: Allthread Industries Pty Ltd Web Address: